Welcoming Gala World Fashion Week in New York postponed to June 2012

New York, Nov 11, 2011 — The organizers of the World Fashion Week (WFW) have been forced to postpone the Welcoming Gala to participating countries and nominated leading fashion designers from 31 countries, serving as a prelude to the World Fashion Week New York City 2012, based on the lack of funding at the final stage of the company’s production budget. The organization must acknowledge the incredible devoted and precious time of all fashion designers in the preparation of the masterpieces for the gala, appreciating their professional and incredible efforts, as well as the WFO World Fashion Organization, ITO International Trade Organization, Global Entrepreneurship Week, Fashion Television Channel, Art of Living Foundation, Helsinki-España University Network, among fashion weeks, associations, councils, Ministers and volunteers from five continents.

The WFW Welcoming Gala objective is to internationally promote and recognize the outstanding career of fashion designers from all corners of the world, while positioning them in the international market, promoting their national fashion industries, culture and country’s identity, in a celebration of cultural diversity, furthering human development.

…¨World Fashion Week has being making tirelessly efforts to accomplish its vision, we have expended all our resources for the last 6 years of incredible developments throughout the world, to accomplish a final success in benefit to all. This unpredictable and unfortunate situation has provoked a great inconvenience for all of us, specially the designers and main partners. We are now encouraged by many supporting letters from participating countries to move on, to keep on going with the vision and final success of WFW. WFW is not just an event to generate global trade, promotion and recognition, but serves as vital tool to further social development, specially in the African continent. I am deeply sorry about the situation, however, we will never give up and will witness the wonderful reality that WFW offers, we must have positive thinking and move on to the future¨… Says Paco De Jaimes, Founder of World Fashion Week.

WFW extends its most humble and sincerely apology for all the inconvenience caused to all designers, international guest, media, press and individuals who have devoted their precious time in such an incredible way. World Fashion Week recognized their commitment and outstanding talent, which must be acknowledged and presented worldwide. WFW defends the free expression of fashion as one of the principal cultural identities of any community, considering the richness and creative value that we find in the diverse and multicultural world in which we live. The organization will continue its commitment and efforts for the development of the global fashion community and its humanitarian cause.

The organization express the most sincere gratitude to all designers, countries and organizations that keep their supports and faith, sharing World Fashion Week objectives and vision.

World Fashion Week