New Zealand Fashion Week 2023

New Zealand Fashion Week | New Zealand, Oceania

Established in 2001, New Zealand Fashion Week (NZFW) forms the Backbone of the New Zealand Fashion Industry, enabling our local designers to promote and profile their brand to a national and international audience.

It is a trade event that offers designers a platform to present their collections to accredited delegates of media, buyers and industry. It is a week where the serious business of fashion takes place, and when the countries key trade influencers are in the spotlight.

NZFW is the leading fashion event in New Zealand, setting the aspirational and economical benchmark for this countries fashion industry. It is a huge PR success story, promoting the creativity and innovation of our hugely talented local designers as well as being arguably the countries most glamorous event.

NZFW is an opportunity for brands to build an identity by showing something outstanding and inspiring. It gives designers a chance to think beyond functionality and edit collections for maximum visibility and international recognition.

NZFW is a hub for all facets of the industry to meet, swap ideas, and consider upcoming trends.

An exciting atmosphere is generated by elements of theatre and drama, with street-style photography and blogging creating engaging and inspiring conversation.

New Zealand Fashion Week

New Zealand Fashion Week

New Zealand Fashion Week

What We’ve Lost & Gained In The Evolution Of New Zealand Fashion Week
With the announcement this week that New Zealand Fashion Week is to resume regular programming from August 29 to September 2 this year, we chart the journey from its humble beginnings at the Auckland Town Hall in 2001 to its last event in 2019.