Urban Fashion Week uk

Urban Fashion Week UK | United Kingdom, Europe

Gifted and talented people who step out of their cocoons and achieve their dreams

Urban Fashion Week UK is the latest in one of the many events put together by Afro-Fusion, allowing UK urban designers to step into the world of fashion and reach those desired heights.
In our 12 years of existence, we have hosted and managed many successful events in the UK. Some of the Events include:

  • Yearly Miss Nubian Queen
  • Yearly Gospel / 90’s Old Skool Night
  • Yearly African Fashion Awards

Afro-Fusion is an Events Management Company which was established in 2002 to provide creative and entertaining events for the viewing public. Afro-Fusion is the brain child of a talented and highly influential young lady, whose vision is to provide a world-class events platform that will enable, and inspire, gifted and talented people to step out of their cocoons and achieve their dreams. Afro-Fusion works with these individuals / groups to create events that cater for their business, allowing them to reach a target audience and gain exposure in the right sectors that will allow them to gain insight, contacts and recognition within their chosen market.

Urban Fashion Week UK

Urban Fashion Week UKUrban Fashion Week