Fashion Week Bulgaria 2016

Fashion Week Bulgaria | Bulgaria, Europe

Fashion Week Bulgaria is a commercial, promotional and artistic fashion forum, produced on high European and worldwide level, identical to worldwide and European Fashion Weeks.

Fashion Week Bulgaria has been organized since 2002 and has successfully registered 30 editions, 15 of which for Pret-a-porter collections in Plovdiv; 2 of which for Wedding Fashion in Old Town of Plovdiv, 9 of which for Couture, experimental and luxurious fashion in Sofia; 3 of which devoted entirely to Menswear in Plovdiv and 1 for Lingerie, Beach wear and accessories in Varna. Fashion Week Bulgaria is registered trademark in Patent Office of Republic of Bulgaria since 11th of April 2002 and reregistered as a trademark in European International Patent Office with exclusive rights, freely transferred to European Fashion Council, active in 28 countries. Fashion Week Bulgaria has been officially acknowledged on a worldwide level Since September 2008 and it has been included in the World Fashion calendar as the only legal fashion event in Bulgaria:

Fashion Week Bulgaria is organized in collaboration with cultural fashion institutions and nongovernmental organizations on national and international level, for example the European Fashion Committee, partners in the implementation of the Convection EU – UNESCO for protection and application of new forms of cultural expression, other worldwide acknowledged partner organizations as official representatives in over 25 European countries, Russia, the USA, 4 African countries and one in Middle-East – Lebanon.

Fashion Week Bulgaria responds to European standards and is formed by Organization Committee of the National Fashion Chamber of Republic of Bulgaria. Fashion Week Bulgaria is a prestigious internationally cultural and business activity, which has two seasonal editions per year for presentation of collections one season ahead.

Fashion Week Bulgaria

Fashion Week Bulgaria

Each of those 7 days of the fashion forum regarding Program 2016 is filled with independent fashion shows by various designers and fashion brands; fashion show including shared time for two participants; group fashion show for three designers or fashion houses; Diplomatic Fashion Receptions and many attendant activities such as presentations, show rooms, exhibitions, photo sessions, round tables and parties, grouped for different days: Day 1 – Ethno Fashion, jewelry and accessories; Day 2 – Kidswear, accessories and everything for the kids fashion style; Day 3 – Lingerie, Beach wear and accessories; Day 4 – Casual wear, Knitwear, Denim and Leather Clothing; Day 5 – Ready-to-Wear; Day 6 – Menswear; Day 7 – Haute Couture.

The main goals include: establishment and development of a prestigious national and international forum in Bulgaria, aiming to represent and promote young already established names in the Bulgarian fashion and design; European and international designers and fashion houses; to represent and promote fashion trends in the media and bloggers; to execute contracts with buyers, wholesalers and retailers, commercial attachés, etc. Moreover the main goal is to achieve high creative and commercial objectives of the participants.