Czech Fashion Week

Czechia Fashion Week | Czech Republic, Europe

Integral part of European culture

In the fall of 2010 we decided to establish a voluntary association of creatively thinking people with the decision to enforce the idea: Czech fashion creators are an integral part of European culture.
A vision: honor the creators of fashion deserves a worthy place in the European and global fashion business.

National Chamber of Fashion – Czech Republic o.s. (NCP) was established as an association whose primary mission is to promote and present the Czech fashion, to promote the best practice and code of ethics, creating space for a wide professional discussion and build its reputation.

With worries about creative ways of Czech professional fashion status and creative potential, we are the only Czech non-profit organization that aims to promote and raise the prestige of Czech fashion designers and brands like decent part of European and world fashion with European institutional recognition.

National Chamber of Fashion – Czech Republic o.s. (NCP) is a member of the European Fashion Council (EFC).

Czechia Fashion Week