Costa Rica Fashion Week | Costa Rica, Central America

Costa Rica Fashion Week | Costa Rica, Central America

Costa Rica Fashion Week is the international fashion week in Costa Rica. The fashion event with more trajectory in Costa Rica and Central America.

Costa Rica Fashion Week is an important showcase of the Costa Rican design covering: design schools, young emerging designers, established designers, national brands for local consumption and export and international brands and designers who visit us.

Our mission is to offer the best of Costa Rican market trend!
Advise and assist in developing new brands, designers and Costa Rican textile industry.

The event includes:

– Fashion shows with national and international designers who show the latest fashion trends worldwide
– A Fashion Expo-where designers and brands positioned and sell their products to the general public
– Talks on Textiles and Clothing; fashion and trends; Beauty and Personal Care
– Brand Activations, shows, tastings and other cultural activities and entertainment

An event highly covered by national and international press has a special feature: support causes and reasons of general interest each year.

The Costa Rica Fashion Week in the only event that opens spaces for youth in training and has become an important support for schools in the field of fashion design, textiles and clothing. Students of technical education of the Ministry of Public Education, University and Core Creative Textile INA, participate in lectures, workshops and in most cases have first, parades with their creations from academic papers and graduation.

Héctor Terrones | Costa Rica Fashion Week | Costa Rica

Costa Rica Fashion Week es la Semana Internacional de la Moda de Costa Rica. El evento de moda con más trayectoría en Costa Rica y Centro América.

Costa Rica Fashion Week es una importante vitrina del diseño costarricense que abarca: escuelas de diseño, jóvenes diseñadores emergentes, diseñadores consolidados, marcas nacionales de consumo local y de exportación, así como diseñadores y marcas internacionales que nos visitan.

Nuestra misión es ofrecer al mercado costarricense lo mejor de la moda! Asesorar y ayudar a desarrollar nuevas marcas, diseñadores y la industria textil costarricense en general.

Costa Rica Fashion Week