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Royal Bali Fashion Week | Indonesia, Asia

While many other foreign businessmen are eager to see the possibilities of branding the product in Bali and work product brand more seriously than local entrepreneurs, as an example of the various companies the industry of Bali which was more strongly influenced by professional skilled workers in Bali as liaison to make their products in international networks, including the creative industries economy, such as industry fashion and textiles. As an example of a brand that was originally inspired by the Balinese culture. just now begun to be patented by foreign parties with creative ideas plot entrepreneurs couture outside Bali. That is why Royal Bali Fashion Week is a work of the nation especially children Bali which has a higher than the world of fashion in the world can compete with Bali International idealism took place in order entrepreneurs to advance the creative economy and sewing Bali later should improve public relations, marketing, branding and product development of networking. In addition, the Royal Fashion Week Bali also held the local creative industries entrepreneurs who dare to compete with the help of outsiders.

Bali is a famous city with the tourism industry, culture and customs and crafts of the management of human resources. As tourist destinations Herb natural resources, Bali was also able to establish in the top 15 candidate cities for the global fashion. This has become a driving force to create a new icon for the city, which is known by its culture. In addition, the development of creative industries in the field of fashion began to grow in the paradise known as the region of the world. The existence of the Royal Bali Fashion Week Carnival is expected to become a new alternative to the workings of the economy and the industry in this city.

Royal Bali Fashion Week Carnival

Carnival itself is an event organized by the series of The Royal Fashion Week Bali. From a desire to introduce the fashion week in accordance with the trend of the world mode cooperating with stakeholders and other industry players fashion creative participation, 1 the Royal Bali fashion Week Carnival 2014 on the theme “exotic Bali.”
This carnival will be held at Bellows Field Badung. This carnival participants will be divided into groups, each group will display the corresponding parade theme is performed. This group is not only of local art lovers, but we will try to show some art from outside Bali amateur groups to participate animate this carnival, but not on the initial concept of exotic Bali.