Indonesia Fashion Week | Indonesia, Asia

Indonesia Fashion Week | Indonesia, Asia

Indonesia Fashion Week is a fashion movement initiated by the Indonesian Fahion Entrepreneur and Designer Association (APPMI). This idea comes with a big main idea: make Indonesia as one of the world’s center for fashion.

The idea of conducting Indonesia Fashion Week also strengthen by the arrangement of blueprint of Creative Economy-Fashion done by APPMI and four governmental ministries; The ministry of Industry, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Ministry of Trade and Ministry of Cooperation and small and Medium Enterprises.

Therefore, in every implementation of Indonesia Fashion Week year by year. It is implemented through the synergy of four bid elements, including government, business/industries, associations and academician. The very first Indonesia Fashion Week conducted in February 2012 and took place at the Jakarta Convention Center.

Moreover, the vision of Indonesia Fashion Week is to explore the Indonesia heritage and standardize the creative source of Indonesia, in order to actualize Indonesia as one of the world’s center for fashion.
This year, Indonesia Fashion Week that is conducted on 20 until 23rd February 2014 is emphasizing the value of “Local Movement”-as a part of the pride toward Indonesia. Not just love but more as a pride for purchasing and wearing the original product of Indonesia. By loving the product of Indonesia, we can help prosper our society.

Besides Local Movement, Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 also emphasizing the Green Movement,. The example of the connectivity between fashion and environment can be taken from the coloring process of fabrics. A designer can be encouraged to use natural material coloring for their creations.
Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 will present 512 local and international fashion brands. Conducted many fashion shows from Indonesian and international designers are said Mahrouf from Morocco and Gabriel Lage from Argentina.

Indonesia Fashion Week

Indonesia Fashion Week Asia

Also in order to stimulate the spirit of competitiveness and to search the next talented Indonesia fashion designer. Indonesia Fashion Week conducted a competition named Indonesia Fashion Design Competition presented by Dulux.

There is surely a great expectation that follows the implementation of Indonesia Fashion Week 2014. That through this movement, there will be a more independent practitioner in fashion industry, which are sensitive to the trend changes, and able to produce original products with high quality and international standard.

Be apart of the movement. Be there, support and proudly wear the products of Indonesia.