Nigeria Fashion Week | Nigeria

Nigeria Fashion Week | Nigeria, Africa

Nigeria Fashion Week is one of the four events owned and annually produced by Legendary Gold Limited. Legendary Gold Limited is the foremost fashion, modelling and general events production company in Nigeria. It is the vanguard in the Nigerian fashion and modelling industry. Since its inception in 1995, it has become the industry’s reference point.

Nigeria Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion events in the African continent. It brings together stakeholders in global Fashion, Beauty and Hair industries with the goal of celebrating fashion and creating a vibrant market by linking manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and the end users. Over the years, the event has been able to reorient practitioners in the Nigerian fashion industry to be locally inspired by using locally made fabrics, accessories and designs.

Featured Fashion Designers at Nigeria Fashion Week

Nigeria Fashion Week - Modella BNigerian-Ghanian based fashion designer Angella Modupe Roth-Benson, creative director of MODELLA B, will be particpating at Nigeria Fashion Week 2014.
“My passion for fashion started over 25 years ago. Modella B. is a unique blend of classic African and European fabrics to create versatile looks for everyone and every occasion.” – Angella

Nigeria Fashion Week - JoadreAustrian-Nigerian designer Joana Adesuwa Reiterer, creative director of JOADRE, will be participating at the forthcoming Nigeria Fashion Week 2014. Joadre is an African ethical fashion brand with a great purpose. Using a mix of afro-centric fabrics, lively patterns and stylish cuts, the brand is inspired by the buzz of the ambitious young women.
“Our fashion is nurturing a gorgeous look at every possible moment and having a great purpose behind it. Joadre is all about the fabric, the patterns, the colours and most importantly, the comfort.” – Joana

Nigeria Fashion Week