Welcome to Namibia Fashion Week

Namibian fashion is a fast growing industry, providing job op-portunities for many industry related professionals (fashion/jewellery/accessory designers, seamstresses, textiles, production teams, make-up artist, hairstylist, photographers, models, to name only a few).
The vision, along with the Fashion Council of Namibia is to drive and facili-tate job creation in the Namibian fashion sector, through entrepreneurship in the fashion value chain and to provide initiatives that will develop and support the fashion industry, as well as ensuring that local designers will have access to, maintain and grow their market share

With the Namibian Fashion Week, they aim to create a platform for local designers to compete on an international level and give them the opportunity to showcase their unique designs to the Namibian public and potential buyers. They also aim to connect all industry related individuals to further expand and create opportunities in the fashion industry.

Namibia Fashion WeekNamibia Fashion Week

Namibia Fashion Week