Angola Fashion Week

Angola Fashion Week presents both popular Angolan culture as well as the modernity of fashion stylists.

It’s a never ending runway where the creativity and excellence of angolan products strut and shine for the world. Angola Fashion Week celebrates 14 years of sustainable growth being the biggest and most mediatic fashion event in Angola. Proudly working with top designers, models and solid partners, the AFW showcases the best of the angolan fashion industry.

Angola Fashion Week 2015 theme was the most glamourous tree in all of Africa : the Baobab tree (Imbondeiro, in portuguese).
AFW’s fashion artists, stylists and designers, showcase their work, inspired by the multiple species of the “Tree of life”, as they can be found in the landscapes of Angola and Africa. Taking on many forms, with either a slender or thick trunk, at the AFW, the Baobab tree inspires the runway. A moment of harmony between the dazzling african landscape and the new angolan fashion.

Angola Fashion Week marks its 15 years of beauty, creativity and fashion excellence at the highest level in Angola. The Angolan popular culture and the sophistication of the creators will help bring together Angolan and International fashion. Begins the best of the fashion Africa world in three exclusive days of fashion, attractions and special guests. The AFW’15 will be part of the international fashion calendar, leading the country across borders.

Angola Fashion WeekAngola Fashion Week

Angola Fashion Week