Nigeria's Next Super Model | Africa International Fashion Week 2014

Africa International Fashion Week | Nigeria, Africa

Africa International Fashion Week (AIFW) is an initiative which is focused and committed to building and promoting Africa’s design talents. This is achieved through the creation of world-class platforms meant to showcase the creativity of talented designers.

Africa International Fashion Week 2014

AIFW is committed to promoting the following traits in our designers: Creativity | Presentation | Awareness of Contemporary Design Trends | Consideration of Necessary Details and Trims | Visual Appeal | Technical Consideration

We identify the brilliance in African output, both in designs and in fabrics, and we strive at presenting this to the whole world on a global platform which in turn is meant for the growth and development of African fashion.

Africa International Fashion Week

AIFW After Show Shopping

Part of our features on this platform is the showroom which offers a retail opportunity to designers. The showroom is meant to connect the designer to the consumer providing a real-time shopping experience which satisfies both parties. We tend to change the concept of fashion shows by creating “after show shopping” where potential consumer purchase directly the same design seen on the runway.

Africa International Fashion Week