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ASEAN Fashion Week
May 28-31, 2013 / Post Release

Bridging the cultural exchange celebrating Asia’s diversity making Fashion a universal language...

World Fashion Organization   Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week
June 26, 2013
…the Inaugural ASEAN Fashion Week® (AFW®) successfully launched in Japan running through May 28th to 31st, 2013, commemorated an unprecedented fashion extravaganza opening up a spectrum of opportunities for both the creative and commercial, exhibiting unparalleled fashion and stylish eccentricity originating from modern Asia, Central Asia, Eurasia and Africa.

ASEAN Fashion WeekAFW®’s classic approach demonstrating imaginative and indigenous statements on its Runway, swaying away from predictable norms to enthusiastically portray a re-improved fashion landscape resuscitating a fresh breath of air and a renewed vigor showcasing Oriental-inspired creations; AFW® advocates for a sustainability within the Asian Fashion Industry and its community, further strengthening the formation and alliance for Asian Designers making their presence felt within the Region.
ASEAN Fashion Week� - Mongolia
ASEAN Fashion Week® - Mongolia
 As individual Asian Countries hold individual Fashion Weeks, AFW® set the precedent facilitating the platform for Asian Designers to converge onto a singular Runway on an annual and yearly basis for an exceptional high-fashion scene without pretentiousness with the inclusion of an Asian fashion-conscious Society embracing for more innovation, more ethnicity and more refinement showcased at Asia’s biggest Fashion Week.

Representing just how easily and, or irreverently the Collections exhibited at AFW® concocts the latest, newest, polished and more chic into familiar surroundings creating that inimitable visual tension showcasing limitless creativity synergizing past and present, AFW® successfully revolutionized the Fashion landscape in Asia with Designers featuring a compelling search distinguishing a dichotomy for a new breed of glamorous Collections focused on design categories publicizing the very Asian culture through style, fashion and art indulging in all things Eastern.

In lieu of any Designer heavyweights presence on the Catwalk during the opening day of AFW®, Catherine Birch from Fashion Advocate Australia welcomed the Industry to the four-day event.
Mr. Ryozo Tatami, Mayor of Maizuru City alongside Mayors from Kyotango & Miyazu City, Inne & Yosano Town officiated AFW® Opening Ceremony, and Catherine spoke of Asia’s strong Fashion-credentials during AFW® Opening Reception hosted by Maizuru City.

Savoir Faire Cosmetics, the new Face of Luxury as the Official AFW® Cosmetics Brand, and Simone Lee of Simone Lee Creative as AFW® Creative Director worked distinctive styles and perfectionism for 26 Catwalk Shows held over four days.

Myanmar and Mongolia, comprising AFW®’s largest Delegation of Fashion Designers, presenting a myriad of colorful collections, eloquently showcase the exquisite branches of how lively feminism liberates herself through fabulous fusion of intricate drapes, chic-prints and colorful-pleats while simultaneously revealing the ethnicity of Asia’s Indigenous Communities.

A fanciful tapestry of colors, layers, and trimmings bringing stylish Asian eccentricity to life was staged by Central Asia Fashion Designers, Diana Azizova, Albina Galiera, Tatiana Vorotnikova, Anna Te, Aidai Asangulova, Vitelina Shevchencko and Nurgul Akmataliesa presenting a full-scale dance-orchestra modeled by pulsating Models on the Runway. A truly radical yet lively direction altering Modeling precision, and audiences were fascinated with a palpable and growing excitement!
ASEAN Fashion Week� - Japan
ASEAN Fashion Week® - Japan
Keiichiro Yuri, an emerging creator at ARTPHERE representing Japan, equally mesmerized audiences with a solo-guitarist act with a remarkably engaging Show made up largely of wearable Kimono’s complimented with matching Handbags & Bags, first of its kind produced by integrating traditional techniques and a unique 3D design technology. As Keiichiro san so well puts it “"A bag cannot be simply fashionable. Functional beauty and design is required”.

Indonesia exhibited its Spring/Summer Collections with a flair for both the creative and commercial, exhibiting a sassy one-of-a-kind Couture combining Asia’s contemporary, chic and upscale styles inspired by the wealth of Asia’s unique heritage. Represented by Rhy Surya, the integrating looks compliment a passionate indulgence of all things Eastern; accessories or essentials, making the relationship between a woman and her desire to be fashionably iconic, nothing short of being glamorous.

Eurasia was represented by Sweden’s very own Camilla Wellton, a “Luxury Fashion Brand in love with the dream of being the Soul in your Wardrobe”, whereby serious Collection expressions invoking a simple feminine elegance with a bold and retro-futuristic edge took to the Runway, exploring Camilla’s limitless creativity placing emphasis on experimental incarnations of classic feminine silhouettes enhancing but not distracting from the natural female form of which remains the key to its esthetic’s.

Camilla’s brand also plays to universal consumers demand for pragmatism and social responsibility on 100% organic line.

"Spend five minutes with her (Camilla) and you feel you could accomplish anything" said Arwin Sharma, President & CEO of ASEAN/ASIAN Fashion Week®.

As AFW® bridges the cultural exchange celebrating diversity making Fashion a universal language, Paul Emmanuel Armstrong from Cameroon was the among the most creative African Designer demonstrating ingenious and native Collections on the Runway.

Breaking traditions with indigenous usage of thatch-straws and its references, distinguishing from wildlife to pixelated motifs and originality much deserved to exhibit Africa’s magnitude of elaborate colors, designs and folds, Armstrong explained he had sharpened things up a little for Spring/Summer.

David Lee - Ryozo TatamiAFW® was honored to be graced by the presence of the world’s leading Ambassador for Fashion, Dr. David Lee, President & CEO of World Fashion Organization® (WFO®).

Dr. David Lee commented “I am extremely happy to be here, and allow me to say that AFW® is simply wonderful. I believe this is a work of genius with the involvement of Asian Designers. From what I am seeing, the Hosting City, Maizuru is wonderful, and as this is the Inaugural ASEAN Fashion Week®, this is a spectacular Fashion Week, and the World Fashion Organization® would extend its co-operation to AFW® next year and subsequent years, making AFW® a great global Fashion Week and monumental achievement for the Fashion Industry in Asia. We will do our best to make sure AFW® reaches the heights of such a global scale, and I am deeply honored to be acquainted with Asian Designers”.

Presenting a tribute to AFW®, Dr. David Lee simultaneously presented a Plaque to Mr. Ryozo Tatami, Mayor of Maizuru City, commemorating the 40th Year Anniversary of ASEAN-Japan Friendship & Cooperation.

As AFW® has been built up with International clout; Media and Buyers from Japan, Myanmar, Mongolia and Australia were present, while Maizuru City arrived at a gridlock with Miss International Japan, Miss Yukiko Takahashi participating at various photo-shoots in and around the City, draped in avant-garde Collections prepared by Asian Designers.

"Asian Fashion has never been more globally recognized, successful, and now we are glad to announce that ASEAN Fashion Week would be branded as ASIAN Fashion Week from 2014 onwards due to the concentration and participation of Asian Countries” comments Arwin Sharma, President & CEO of ASEAN/ASIAN Fashion Week®.

AFW® is currently forming its own Executive Board spearheaded by Asian Fashion Designers, Clubs and Organizations in Asia, Central Asia & Eurasia, and Executive Board Members making up ASIAN Fashion Week® will represent the Fashion Industry in Asia, develop a network of alliances for strategic partnerships between Board Members and Meetings will be held once a year during ASIAN Fashion Week®.
ASEAN Fashion Week