Creative Industries Federation

Creative Industries Federation | United Kingdom

The Creative Industries Federation is the new representative body of the UK’s arts, cultural and creative industries

24 Nov 2014 – The Creative Industries Federation Launch

As a membership organisation, the Creative Industries Federation represents the views of the UK’s creative industries, while challenging and assisting the sector to stay ahead of the international competition.Creative Industries Federation

The Creative Industries Federation is the brainchild of Sir John Sorrell and other senior figures in the cultural and creative industries. They came together to try to find a way of giving the sector a stronger and more unified voice.

We are strong and fearless advocates across politics, policy-making and the media. Our work is authoritative, based in research rigour and party-political neutrality. We will generate new material that will contribute to the debate and we will disseminate and champion the work of others. In all our activities, we look globally for new ideas and best practice.

We welcome all of the creative industries – from visual arts to performing arts, architecture and design, publishing and film, music and fashion, broadcasting and digital media, advertising, crafts, photography, computer gaming, architecture and more. We are bringing together commercial companies and publicly funded cultural organisations, think tanks and education bodies, large and small, across the whole country.

Creative Industries Federation | United Kingdom
November 2014 – national launch event for Creative Industries Federation.
December 2014 – start of national membership scheme. Details to be announced.
Autumn/winter 2014-15 – ongoing work with political parties and cultural and creative leaders to outline their vision for the creative industries.
2015 – first annual report, outlining the state of the creative industries in the UK and in competitor countries.
2015-16 – development of representative and advocacy work. Further research reports.
2015-16 – membership activities, online and offline, move into higher gear.
2016-17 – opening of a building housing the Creative Industries Federation, which will provide networking and other facilities for members.

Anne McElvoy: Can Britain’s creative industries finally get their act together?

26 November 2014 – What a hoopla at the Creative Industries Federation launch at Central Saint Martins, King’s Cross, this week. It is the sort of temple to contemporary creativity which reminded me just a bit of a night at a gallery opening in Beijing, complete with many speeches.