Switzerland Trade Associations

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Switzerland
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Switzerland (CCIS) is the union of the 19 cantonal and regional chambers of commerce in Switzerland and the Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce. The individual chambers are organized as private law associations with a voluntary membership. The presidency of the CCIS changes periodically among the individual chambers. Currently in charge is the HKBB.
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Chamber of Swiss Fashion / Camera Nazionale Moda Svizzera
The Chamber of Swiss Fashion is a non-profit association and represents the higher cultural and artistic values in the fashion world promoting the image of “Made in Switzerland” at home and abroad. It gives rise to professional and trained synergies to young talent stylists, encourages the relationship with national and international institutions and economical organizations. Furthermore it transmits the creative and genius heritage abroad to restrain unfair competition and counterfeiting, and it delights the home promotion and consolidates the Swiss imagine in the world.
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economiesuisse – Swiss Business Federation
economiesuisse is the result of a merger between the Swiss Federation of Commerce and Industry (Vorort) and the Society for the Promotion of the Swiss economy (wf). economiesuisse’s direct membership includes 100 trade and industry associations, 20 cantonal chambers of commerce and several individual companies.
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SwissCham, the Association of Swiss Foreign Trade Chambers since 1935, promotes Swiss exports and a Swiss economic presence abroad through its global network of member chambers. SwissCham currently has a total of 50 members – 34 full members and 16 associate members.

Switzerland Global Enterprise
Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) is the official Swiss consultancy, promotion and platform organization for export and investment promotion with around 200 employees throughout Switzerland and in 30 countries.
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