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Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC)
BEC is an initiative designed to offer the best possible service for exhibitors, visitors and the general public in a modern, convenient, practical and highly functional trade fair facility.

Feria Valencia
Feria Muestrario Internacional de Valencia
Feria Valencia is the most veteran institution dedicated to the organization of trade fairs in Spain. Founded in 1917, it has 90 years experience to its credit. It is the first exhibition centre in Spain to earn certification from AENOR with the ISO 9002 standards, currently ISO 9001/2000. It also possesses certification from QAFE, the Association of Spanish Fairs, and the diploma of commitment to quality SICTED, System of Tourism Quality in Destination.
Feria Valencia is a co-founding member of UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry), AFE (Asociación de Ferias Españolas) and of MTFA (Mediterranean Trade Fairs Association). It is a full member of EMECA (European Major Exhibition Centres Association), of AFIDA (Asociación Internacional de Ferias de América) and of IAEE (International Association of Exhibitions Events)
As far as size is concerned, Feria Valencia is the biggest and most modern exhibition centre in Spain, and one of the top ten in the world with 231,000 square metres of indoor exhibition space.

Fira de Barcelona
Since its creation almost a hundred years ago, Fira Barcelona has grown steadily. Its splendid, historical site, which has undergone successive renovations and is adapted to all kinds of exhibits, occupies a surface area of 250,000 m2 and hosts 20,000 firms and 2,500,000 visitors representing all industrial and commercial sectors.
The more than 70 exhibitions are managed with a business approach and with a clear determination to project internationally, especially to European and Latin American markets. These factors were key for the European Union to appoint Fira Barcelona for developing business co-operation programmes among these markets.
The inauguration of the Gran Vía (M2) facilities, with a surface area of 111,500 m2, has contributed to the consolidation of Fira Barcelona as a basic instrument for the business progress of its exhibitors and visitors.

Fira de Girona
The Institució Firal de Girona, the Girona trade fair institution, was set up in 1984 in the city of Girona. This official, non profit-making body is legally constituted with all the powers necessary to pursue its ends.
The goals of the Fira are to promote and stimulate trade, industry and the services required of it, to expand commercial exchanges by creating and co-ordinating trade fair-type activities of all kinds, including both general trade fairs and industry-specific or thematic fairs and shows.
1988 saw the official opening of the Palau de Fires de Girona, the Girona exhibition centre, work on which was completed on 3rd June 1989.

IFEMA Feria de Madrid
Madrid Trade Fair
IFEMA, a trade fair institution that began its activities in 1980, has become one of the main generators of wealth throughout the Madrid Region. With nearly three decades of service behind it, not only in this Region but also throughout the rest of Spain, IFEMA has staged around 1,300 fairs, which have welcomed almost 75 million visitors.
Today, Feria de Madrid hosts the staging of more than 80 fairs at its facilities, which make up one of the most modern and efficient venues in Europe. These fairs occupy a total of 1.3 million net square metres of exhibition space, feature the participation of some 42,000 companies and welcome 4.5 million visitors, of whom almost 1.5 million are professionals. These figures have made IFEMA the leading trade fair body in Spain and a clear point of reference within the European trade fair sector.