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Association of New and Young Designers of Spain (ANDE)
ANDE is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote and publicize the work of the new fashion talent in Spain. We provide advice to new and young designers:
– Present their work within appropriate fora and through collective gateways until they are able to launch their collections individually
– Provide logistical and infrastructural support by the associations to promote common projects.
– We encourage new fashion values ​​through awards to open them a path in his professional life helping them find career opportunities.

Association of Spanish Fashion Designers / Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España (ACME)
ACME is a non-profit professional organization founded in 1998 by Modesto Lomba, Jesús del Pozo, Elio Berhanyer, Antonio Pernas, Angel Schlesser and Roberto Verino.
ACME works primarily to defend the interests of creating fashion in Spain, offering tools to enhance their competitiveness.
The Association aims to promote the Spanish fashion in its economic and cultural facets, promoting activities that benefit the fashion design in their creative and commercial aspects sector, both within and outside Spain.

TEXFOR is the Textile Industry Confederation, an organization that brings together the main business associations textile header: FITEXLAN , AITPA , FTS and FNAETT. Our organization represents and defends the collective interest of the Spanish textile companies producing or marketing yarns, fabrics, manufacturing and textile accessories, finishes and / or designs for markets apparel, household and technical and industrial applications. TEXFOR was established in late 2010 to give a modern and innovative developments in the sector in the present scenario response, giving priority to the optimization of resources and potentials available in our group.
TEXFOR purposes:
– Representing the textile header to the government, trade unions, business organizations, media and other national and international institutions.
– Service, providing specific benefits to the partners in the various aspects of business management.
Texfor represents 3,894 companies, most SMEs, which provide employment to 42,873 people and reach a turnover of € 4755M.