Slovakia Trade Fair Grounds

The organization was founded in 1974 and nowadays it is one of the most prestigious fair organizations in Slovakia. Regarding the total rented-out area, its market share in Slovakia is more than 40%. From the beginning of 2008, the organization changed its legal status from an allowance organization into a government enterprise. The mission of the organization is to support communication between the businesses on a national and international level and to support trade and economic cooperation.

EXPO CENTER a.s., Trenčín
At present, EXPO CENTER a.s., Trenčín is the third larges subject in organising exhibitions in Slovakia according to the most important factors (size of the area sold, number of exhibitors, total exhibition area, yearly turnover). EXPO CENTER a.s., Trenčín organises more than 20 fairs and exhibitions yearly. The total size of the company is 35,000 m2, whereas the total exhibition area is 17,000 m2, including 7,000 m2 of indoor exhibition area and 10,000 m2 of outdoor exhibition area. A safeguarded car park and also boarding and restaurant services are available in the area of the company for both visitors and exhibitors.

Incheba Expo Bratislava, a.s.
Exhibition and fair organizer in the city of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The fair programme is oriented to such areas as construction, tourism, gastronomy, chemical industry, automobile industry, cosmetics, fashion, medical equipment and arts.