Trade Associations of Russia

Ассоциация Предприятий Индустрии Моды
The Association of Fashion Industry (APRIM) – Russia’s only non-profit organization that brings together shopping, fashion production companies and service sector market. Founded in 2004, a member of the International Apparel Federation IAF.
APRIM is the only non-profit organization in Russia uniting trading and production companies of the clothes market.

Main activities of APRIM:
• Promotion of trade marks’ brands and retail formats on the territory of Russia
• Support of the fashion industry companies’ joint projects
• Interaction with commercial real estate developers
• Interaction with state structures and mass media

National Trade Association
Национальная Торговая Ассоциация
National Trade Association is a non-profit organization established under an agreement between the Association’s Members with the purpose of coordinating their activities in the field of retail trade, consolidating efforts aimed at meeting the demands of clients and consumers, representing and protecting mutual proprietary interests.

Main activities of NTA:
• Protecting the rights and interests of enterprises – members of the Association;
• Rendering assistance to members of the Association in expanding their production and social potential
• Coordinating efforts of Association members aimed at satisfying the requirements of their clients and customers;
• Promoting Russian retail trade enterprises;
• Raising profitability of Russian trade enterprises;
• Actively participating in elaboration of laws affecting the interests of Russian trade enterprises.

Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs
Российский Союз выставок и ярмарок
Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs – An association of the leading exhibition centers and trade show related companies from Russia represents exhibition firms from Moldova, Ukraine, and Lithuania as well.
Founded in 1991 the Union became a UFI – the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry – member in 1994.

Main activities of RUEF:
• Assistance to local enterprises to promote goods and services to domestic and foreign markets
• Coordination of exhibitions and fairs (VYAD)
• Legislative initiatives in the area VYAD
• Audit exhibitions
• International relations
• Training Seminars
• The information base of the Exhibition Industry
• Annual editions:
– Catalogue “Fair Trade” (Russian / English.) – On CD
– Statistical overview
– Methodological literature