Portugal Trade Associations

The ModaLisboa Association is a non-profit organisation that is aimed to promote and develop the Fashion Industry in Portugal as well as cultural, artistic and social aspects of Portuguese talent.
Created in 1991, ModaLisboa is recognised as the most important Portuguese fashion event, with a unique concept compared to other fashion weeks. As an independent project, we develop successful partnerships with sponsors and institutions, enabling us to organise a four-day event attended by the Portuguese and foreign press, buyers, professionals from the fashion business, textile and apparel companies, designers guests and VIP guests.
ModaLisboa events aim to increase creativity not only in fashion but also in adjacent areas such as photography, graphic design and set design. The best graphic and industrial designers, illustrators, photographers and even flower designers are among those taking part in the building of a contemporary and a high quality event.
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A Professional Training Centre for the Textile, Clothing, Apparel and Wool Industry – was created in 2011 through Executive Order no. 135/2011 of 4 April, based on a protocol signed between the Institute of Employment and Professional Training (IEFP, IP), the Association of Textile and Clothing Industries of Portugal (ATP), the National Association of Apparel and Clothing Industries (ANIVEC / APIV) and the National Association of Manufacturers of Wool (ANIL).
This nationwide centre – has its Head office in Porto, delegations in Lisbon and in Covilha, branches in Vila das Aves and Barcelos – objectively contributes to a better strategic and operational coordination of training in the industry to respond more effectively to the needs of qualification and improvement of people and organizations, as well as, providing technical support to all players of Textile and Apparel Industry.
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Portuguese Industrial Association – Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AIP-CCI)
The Portuguese Industrial Association, founded in January 28, 1837, as statutes approved on that date, was always a National Association, whose primary objective is to contribute to the progress of the companies and associations affiliated, in the areas of technical, economic, commercial, social, cultural and associative network.
In pursuit of these objectives is proposed to defend the interests of Portuguese companies, supporting the Portuguese entrepreneurial sector, contribute to the strengthening of business associations and provide quality services to companies and associates. Since always, AIP’s most attractive feature was the ability to project a vision on the future, associated with projects of change and modernization, asserting itself as an institution open to society and participating actively in the socio-economic and cultural development of the country.
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Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal / Associação Têxtil e Vestuário de Portugal (ATP)
Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal is an employers’ association that groups around 600 companies from the entire Portuguese textile and clothing sector. Altogether, these companies are responsible for more than 45,000 jobs, with a turnover of 3,000 million Euros; two thirds of this value represents exports. “ATP” was the result of a merger between APIM (the Portuguese Knitting and Clothes Manufacturing Industries Association) and APT (the Portuguese Textile and Clothing Association), which took place in July 2003. ATP has become not only the biggest organization representing the Portuguese Textile and Clothing Sector, but also one of the most important in Europe. Recently, ATP has merged again, this time with ANET (the National Textile Companies Association, formerly the Textile Wholesalers Association), pursuing therefore its strategy of concentration and strengthening of the textile sector. The Association now represents all commercial and industrial activities of the textile and clothing business.
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Fashion Industry Associations National Association of Garment and Garment Industries / Associação Nacional das Indústrias de Vestuário e Confecção (ANIVEC / APIV)
The ANIVEC / APIV – National Association of Garment and Garment Industries, represents the Portuguese sector Fashion Apparel with several institutions at national level (state, CIP, Unions, Press) and international (Euratex, GINETEX, Intercolor, IFTF) associating manufacturers and distributors of various products.
The ANIVEC / APIV assures its members to defend the interests of the Apparel and Fashion, enhancing the effect of economies of scale factor that the association provides, in representing national and international, promoting activities, for in-house expertise and partnerships that facilitate collectively and individually, their action on the domestic market and abroad.
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