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Ptak Warsaw Expo

Centrum Targowe Chemobudowa-Kraków S.A.
Trade Fair Centre Chemobudowa-Kraków S.A. was founded in 1993 on the own areas of the company with the purpose to organize the trade fairs and economic exhibitions. It’s a member of Polish Trade Corporation and is the biggest organizer of trade fairs and economic exhibitions in Malopolska.
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Gdansk International Fair
The Tri-City (Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot) has a post-WWII trade fair tradition which dates back to 1947. That August, MTG Gdańsk International Fair organised a trade exhibition to present Poland’s export capacity.
More than 40 years after the event, the idea to establish a major trade fair centre in Gdańsk was pursued.
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Interservis Ltd
Interservis has been organizing trade fairs, congresses and conferences for twenty years. The management of the company have been using the social responsibility of business. We are among the ten largest trade fair organizers in Poland.
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Kielce Trade Fairs
Kielce Trade Fairs enjoys the position of vice-leader of the market, being second only to the Poznan International Fair. The current share of the Company in the Polish exhibition market amounts to circa 17%. In 2005 the Kielce trade fair centre hosted 31 exhibitions, with the total exhibition space – including special display areas and accompanying events – amounting to more than 140,000 sqm.
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Poznan International Fair (PIF)
Poznan International Fair (PIF) is the leader among trade fair organizers operating in Poland and one of the most important trade fair centres in Central and Eastern Europe.
Poznan, a robust industrial and commercial centre, has built the foundations of its economic development also through the organization of fairs. The fairs were organized here as early as in 1921. Thus, PIF is one of the European trade fair organizers with the longest history. The commercial tradition of the city goes back to the 13th century when in 1254 Przemysl the First issued a privilege, the oldest among the original preserved documents on the history of trade in Poznan. The events of those and later times obviously were not the trade fairs as we know them today. However, those traditions together with the activities of later generations strengthened the position of Poznan as the centre for international economic exhibitions. Modern trade shows in Poland of today are the successors and continuators of those traditions. At the same time, they are a natural market product of an economic and political transformation of the nineties. The return of market economy in Poland entailed an increased demand for using the tools typical of such an economy. Trade fairs are just one of those tools.
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Ptak Warsaw Expo
Ptak Warsaw Expo is home to the largest and most important events in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. Ptak Warsaw Expo is the largest exhibition and trade fair center in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, located in the suburbs of Warsaw. It has 143,000 sq m of exhibition space in 6 modern halls and 500,000 sq m of outdoor space. It is a place created for trade fairs, congresses and conferences, promotional and sports events, concerts and film production. Ptak Warsaw Expo annually hosts more than 1.5 million visitors from 70 countries and nearly 20,000 exhibitors.
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