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PIOT – Federation of Apparel & Textiles Industry Employers / Związek Pracodawców Przemysłu Odzieżowego i Tekstylnego
PIOT associates a number of textile and clothing employers/companies. Statutory aim of PIOT is to represent its members before governmental and legislative organizations. The main purpose of our activity is to express to the state authorities and parliamentary commissions problems reported by industry as well as opinions on the draft acts.
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Polish Chamber of Commerce (PCC)
Founded in 1990, the Polish Chamber of Commerce (PCC) is the largest economic self-government institution in Poland. We group above 150 business organizations. PCC promotes social responsibility of business. Our trainings and conferences encourage to implement the highest standards of business ethics. Entrepreneurs which are the most meritorious in the social field get awards in The “Fair Play Enterprise” Program. PCC cares about entrepreneurs in the international arena. PCC is a member of EUROCHAMBRES, Association of the European Chambers of Industry and Commerce, which groups the European chambers of commerce, and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Paris. PCC also cooperates with the biggest worldwide national organizations. By taking a chair of Vice President of Eurochambres, the President of PCC, Mr. Andrzej Arendarski enforced PCC’s position in the european arena. PCC does its best to increase the international recognition of Poland. PCC is aware of chances that Polish companies will have on the international markets if Poland is perceived more positively. That is why PCC organizes national exhibitions (Hanover, Aichi), invites entrepreneurs to international trade, fairs, trade missions, economic forums, multi and bilateral business meetings.
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Polish Textile Association / Stowarzyszenie Wlókienników Polskich
The Polish Textile Association has existed since 1924 and is a founding member of the Federation of Engineering Associations NOT and a member of the Polish Committee for Standardization. Regularly organize seminars and conferences on innovations in the textile and leather, and on the possibility of implementing innovative technologies and organizational solutions.
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