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Arts Index Netherlands
The Arts Index Netherlands is initiated by the Boekman Foundation in co-operation with The Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP) with the aim of collecting a great amount of relevant and available cultural data and presenting the collected data in an accessible and understandable way. The Arts Index Netherlands offers in-dept insights in the fields of consumer behaviours, employment, financial flows, organisational structures and public support for arts and culture in the Dutch society.

The CLICKNL innovation network is part of the Creative Industries top sector. A broadly supported innovation agenda that has been drawn up under the orchestration of the network will be implemented in the coming years. This involves cooperation between research, industry and government.
The creative industries is growing faster than the rest of the economy and is giving a significant boost to employment and the growth of the number of businesses in the Netherlands. What’s more, the sector drives innovation in other sectors and generates creative solutions to societal challenges. State-of-the-art knowledge is essential if the Dutch creative industry also wants to gain an international top position.
CLICKNL is the creative industries knowledge and innovation network, connecting inquisitive researchers to enterprising creative people. Together they work on sustainable solutions to societal and economic challenges.

DutchCulture is the network and knowledge organisation for international cultural cooperation. We support the Dutch cultural and creative sector, public authorities and diplomatic posts in the pursuit of their international ambitions.

If you have international cultural ambitions, DutchCulture can help you gain a footing on the international stage. We give information, advice and training on international cultural cooperation. We connect cultural and creative professionals, organisations, public authorities and networks with each other and with international partners in the context of international cultural cooperation. We identify developments and investigate themes and domains that are relevant to successful collaboration. We share the knowledge and insights with the cultural and creative sector.

Dutch Creative Council
The Dutch Creative Council is the independent strategic advisory of the creative industries. The Council seeks to encourage and develop the creative industries as top sector and as a national and international leading sector.
The Council is a contact point and discussion partner for the other economic (top)sectors and government. It also has a coordinating role in the implementation of the agenda of the Top Team Creative Industries.

Dutch Fashion Foundation
The Dutch Fashion Foundation (DFF) strengthens the social, economic and cultural role of Dutch fashion on a national and international level. Based in Amsterdam, DFF manages a network of the most talented Dutch fashion designers and is a key figure in the creative network of photographers, graphic designers and fashion artists.
The activities that DFF has undertaken have led to the interdisciplinary expansion of an (inter)national network with fashion as a vehicle for the designers own creative development. DFF manages this network to shape a contact point and quality guarantee for all parties, both commercial and non-commercial that want to work with the highest level of contemporary Dutch fashion. Through working with this group of designers on an international level, the Dutch Fashion Foundation has acquired a strong knowledge, experience and network in and of the international fashion system.

MODINT is the trade association for fashion, interior design, carpets and textiles, an association with a clear mission.
The MODINT membership totals over 800 companies, active in the production of and trade in clothing, fashion accessories and (interior) textiles. They generate a joint annual turnover of EUR 9 billion in the Netherlands and EUR 2.5 billion on export markets. Our members’ products vary widely, and include women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, swimwear and beachwear, underwear and nightwear, leatherwear, bridal fashion, workwear and image clothing, sportswear, textiles, fashion accessories (e.g. ties, scarves, gloves, bags and belts) and interior textiles (including carpets, curtains, decorative cushions and bedding).

Het Nieuwe Instituut
architecture, design, e-culture
The contemporary era is characterised by radical technological, economic, cultural and social shifts. Het Nieuwe Instituut aims to illuminate and map a rapidly changing world while at the same time fostering discussion of topics related to the vast field of design. All the institute’s activities are grounded in the principles of design and innovation – two concepts bound up with changing value systems and conflict.
Het Nieuwe Instituut organises exhibitions, lectures and fellowships, carries out research and development projects, and publishes reports on the outcomes of its projects. These are carried out within three multiyear programmes: Landscape and Interior, Things and Materials, and a third whose theme changes annually (2014: World War I; 2015: World’s Fairs).
Het Nieuwe Instituut arose on 1 January 2013 out of a merger of the Netherlands Architecture Institute; Premsela, the Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion; and Virtueel Platform, the e-culture knowledge institute.