Trade Associations Lithuania

Lithuanian Apparel and Textile Industry Association (LATIA)
Lithuanian Apparel and Textile Industry Association (LATIA) builds professional links among apparel and textile community particularly looking for Intelligent sourcing solutions, trade opportunities in West and East, Baltic brands and products.

Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts (Vilnius CCIC)
Vilnius CCIC is the largest Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, is a voluntary amalgamation of natural and legal persons engaged in commercial and economic activities provided by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and implementing the principles of business self government.“
Vilnius CCIC has taken over and holds on the traditions of the institution set up in 1925 and has more than 450 members (mainly SME’s) – the companies from all sectors. (Based in Vilnius, the capital of the Republic of Lithuania, has two branch offices: in Alytus and Ukmerge)

Vilnius Trade And Industry Association
The Association was registered in 1996, combines the Vilnius region, various industrial companies, business trends institutions, services and consulting firms. Association members produce a wide range of products and services: wood and metal products, building materials, packaging, packing and marketing facilities; confectionery; provides technical maintenance, printing, insurance, financial, educational and consulting services.
Objectives of the Association is a regional business development, improving the overall business environment, represent the interests of state and municipal institutions and civic organizations, to develop joint participation in trade missions, trade fairs and exhibitions.
The Association maintains close links with related national and international organizations and foreign embassies Lituvoje. Association of Lithuanian Industrialists konfederaciojos members and representatives of the Confederation of the committees and working groups of divers. Association atstovasas is Enterprise Policy Group at Enterprise Directorate in Brussels.
Vilnius Industry and Business Association cooperates with the government of the Republic of Vilnius county and city structures, business, academia, trade unions and other organizations.