Italy Trade Fair Grounds

BolognaFiere, an international pole for the trade fair business, has organized exhibitions, fairs, conferences, and events for over 40 years, making it the hub of a multifaceted network of business relations.
BolognaFiere’s aim is to lead innovation in the fair business and the marketing of services, creating new partnership models in Italy and abroad.

Fiera Milano International (FMI)
Fiera Milano is the leading exhibition Group in Italy and one of the top in the world.
Expertise, excellence in professional exhibitions and services and cutting edge facilities, as well as its success in the foremost international conference management, all make Fiera Milano the ideal partner for promotion, development and internationalisation of any company.
Fiera Milano helps companies expand their business opportunities in Italy and abroad; communicate most effectively with reference markets; nurture human capital through continual professional training; share knowledge at high profile conferences.

Spazio Villa Erba
The villa’s remarkable conference center was constructed in the 90s to an architectural plan by Mario Bellini, which was inspired by the greenhouses typical of the aristocratic villas around Lake Como. It is the ideal venue for top class events of all kinds, and its huge transparent pavilion dome has witnessed many exhibitions, conferences and business conventions.

Veronafiere, Verona
“Fiera di Verona” celebrated its centenary in 1998, and is now a highly dynamic and flexible organisation, operating for the globalisation of world trade in the challenging context of international competition. It approaches the process of internationalisation, first and foremost, by building on emerging markets, assisted by a widespread network of quality agents and promoters. Veronafiere has been a leading player in the agricultural and food sectors ever since its outset, and has gone on to take a strategic role in such varied fields as the construction industry, logistics, furnishing, health and wellbeing, sport, tourism and the leisure industry.

Vicenza Fair
Vicenza Fair is famous all over the world for Vicenzaoro1, Vicenzaoro2 and Orogemma, the three international shows dedicated to gold and silverware, jewellery and gemmology. In addition to these are Oromacchine – the salon of machines and equipment for gold jewellery and precious metals – and Shapes of Jewelry – Pavilion of Designers.
The Vicenza Fair shows are the most important meeting points for demand and supply in the gold sector worldwide.