Italy Trade Associations

Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana
The Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (The National Chamber for Italian Fashion) is the non profit making Association which disciplines, co-ordinates and promotes the development of Italian Fashion.
The Association represents all the highest cultural values of Italian Fashion. It aims to protect, co-ordinate and strengthen its image, both in Italy and abroad.
In accordance with the statutory provisions, the Association is the point of reference, as well as the preferential mouthpiece, for all the national and international initiatives aimed at valuing and promoting Italian style, customs and Fashion.
Right from the year of its foundation, in 1958, the Association has pursued a policy of organisational support aimed at the knowledge, promotion and development of Fashion through events with a highly intellectual image in Italy and abroad.

Italian Textile and Fashion Federation / Federazione Tessile e Moda – Sistema Moda Italia (SMI)
Sistema Moda Italia is one of the world’s largest organizations representing the textile and fashion industry.
The Federation represents a sector, with over 510,000 employees and nearly 60,000 companies, that is a mainstay of Italy’s economy and manufacturing industry.
The Federation protects and promotes the interests of the sector and its members.
It represents the entire industry on a national and international level and maintains relations with government agencies, public administration, and with economic, political, labor, and social organizations. SMI, which is committed to making the textile and fashion sector one of the most important economic resources of Italian industry.