Hungary Trade Associations

Association of Hungarian Exhibition and Fair Organisers (AHEFO)
AHEFO is a national organisation to represent and harmonise interests of the exhibition industry. It was established in 1989 by the leading exhibition organisers in Hungary as to develop high quality-exhibition-organising in the fast changing market economy. The association comprises most significant organisers and events of the Hungarian exhibition market. The members staging 70-80 international, national exhibitions and focussed regional fairs a year which means members hold appr.80-85 per cent of the whole exhibition market.

Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
At the international level, the Chamber’s objectives include the provision of assistance to Hungarian entrepreneurs in foreign markets, in particular preparing them for successful contribution to the European integration, and the creation of opportunities to co-operate with the business world of neighbouring countries. The international relationships developing amongst chambers are worth mentioning – bilateral co-operation agreements have been signed with almost all neighbouring countries – and the Chamber has joined the multinational co-operation agreement of the chambers in CEFTA countries. In 1996, the Hungarian National Commission of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Hungary) was set up in Budapest.

Hungarian Society of Textile Technology and Science (TMTE)
The Hungarian Society of Textile Technology and Science (TMTE, the Hungarian abbreviation of the Society) was established in 1948. The professional organization which has rich traditions includes 100 companies and more than 800 experts as of today. The organization works in close cooperation with Hungarian and foreign associate organizations, maintains extended connections with educational institutions, business federations and governmental institutions.

Hungarian Fur Trade Association (HFTA)
The Hungarian Fur Trade Association was founded on 25th June 2008 by 24 members: furriers, manufacturers, fur dressers, fur traders, trappers.
The association set as task to represent the fur trade and to protect its interests at national and international level. HFTA creates opportunity to their members to meet and exchange their experiences, to develop their technological knowledge.
One of the most important aim of the association is to support and promote the use of fur by the fashion industry.