Denmark Trade Associations

Danish Fashion Institute (DAFI)
The Danish Fashion Institute is a network organization created by and for the Danish fashion industry, whose intention is to position and strengthen the Danish fashion. Our goal is to facilitate a comprehensive network to develop, promote, market and drive Danish fashion forward.
DAFI intends to highlight the Danish fashion on the international scene, increase export shares, and to gain international attention to Denmark, Copenhagen and our Fashion Week.
Further work DAFI to ensure the development of a stronger and more competitive fashion industry, where quality and aesthetics go hand in hand with social responsibility and sustainable business models. Last but not least, is the network organization’s task to ensure that the fashion industry also continues to develop as a cultural phenomenon with its aesthetic, creative and boundary pushing values.

Dansk Fashion and Textile
Dansk Fashion and Textile is the trade association for Danish textile and clothing companies. We represent 340 of the biggest and strongest players in the Danish fashion and textile industries – and we are always interested in collaborations.

The Danish Chamber of Commerce
The Danish Chamber of Commerce is the network for the service industry in Denmark. It is one of the largest professional business organisations in Denmark with more than 200 employees, offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus and in Brussels. The Chamber represents 17,000 Danish companies and 100 trade associations within trade, tourism, business services, IT, welfare services and transportation.