Belgium Trade Associations

Creative Wallonia
Creative Wallonia is a framework program that places creativity and innovation in the center of the Walloon project. With the Contracts of the Future and the Marshall plans, Wallonia has mainly favored networking in order to consolidate the most promising sectors. This approach appears to be obtaining results: various studies or independent indicators testify to the excellent results registered by Wallonia, specifically in the foreign investment and the export domains.

Federation of the Textile, Wood and Furniture Industries / Fédération Belge de l’Industrie Textile, du Bois et de l’Ameublement
Fedustria represents the textile, woodworking and furniture industry’s companies. In Belgium, these sectors account for 45,000 jobs in 2,231 companies and generate a turnover of 12.4 billion euros. In other words, one of the most important sectors of the Belgian industry.
The Belgian federation of the textile industry (Fébeltex) and the Belgian federation of the woodworking and furniture industries (Fébelbois) decided to join forces within Fedustria, with the main aim of helping both sectors’ companies in their successful development through protection and reinforcement of their competition. Fedustria acts as a representative of the textile, wood and furniture industries, provides an even more active protection of the common interests of the members and a larger range of specialised services, is a common training and meeting platform for its members and also supplies accurate and up-to-date information.
Fedustria is at the service of the textile, woodworking and furniture industry and its members are entitled to professional and accurate support by a team of specialised collaborators. Becoming a member of Fedustria also allows you to benefit from numerous advantages, which strengthen the influence of the sectors and optimise the protection of the members’ interests.

Flanders DC
Flanders DC is the Flemish organisation for entrepreneurial creativity. Its aim is to make entrepreneurial Flanders more creative and Creative Flanders more entrepreneurial. Research on creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and creative industries are made and events are set up in order to develop tools and bring people together.

MAD Brussels
MAD Brussels – Mode And Design Brussels – a new project set up by the City of Brussels and the Brussels-Capital Region with support from the European Objective 2 Programme and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) – is aimed at promoting the economic development of the fashion and design industries in Brussels.

NUMEDIART’s mission is to provide training and research in the field of creative technologies. Created in 2010, it benefits from internationally recognised expertise in the field of deep learning applied to sound, image, video, gesture and bio-signal processing for applications where the human-machine interactions aim to create emotion.

St’art investment fund is an unique financial instrument in Brussels and Wallonia and is the product of the joint efforts of the Wallonia Region and Wallonia-Brussels Federation to support the development of the creative economy. St’art is aimed at small and medium companies, including non-for-profit organisations. The fund contributes to the creation of companies and the development of existing structures in order to undertake new projects, create new products and win new markets. The objective is also to influence banks and private investors. Human capital, talent and the ability to innovate are key factors in the economic life of the regions.