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Creative Europe

Creative Europe is the European Commission’s framework programme for support to the culture and media sectors. The programme consists of two sub-programmes; the Culture sub-programme to promote the culture sector, and the MEDIA sub-programme to support the audiovisual sector. Results are published on the Creative Europe Dissemination Platform.
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27 European Union countries | Cultural & Creative Industries

1 July 2013 – Croatia becomes the 28th EU member
23 June 2016 – United Kingdom votes to leave the EU

European Union

The European Union (EU) is a political and economic union of 27 member states that are located primarily in Europe.
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Candidate countries
These countries are in the process of ‘transposing’ (or integrating) EU legislation into national law.
Potential candidates
Potential candidate countries do not yet fulfil the requirements for EU membership.

European Union

Culture and Creativity

Supporting cultural and creative sectors, Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) and related ecosystems

What is it about?
Cultural and creative sectors are comprised of all sectors whose activities are based on cultural values, or other artistic individual or collective creative expressions and are defined in the legal bases of the Creative Europe Programme. Support of these sectors is based upon Eurostat’s work as part of European Statistical System (ESS)-net Culture and its work in further coordinating the harmonisation of statistics on the cultural and creative sectors (for instance, through review of Indicator typologies and terminologies, communicating through indicators and relevance for policy making).

Cultural and creative industries, on the other hand, focus more on the further stages of the value chain – including the production and dissemination stages of industrial and manufacturing operations.

Europe | Associations

European Union National Institutes for Culture

EUNIC – European Union National Institutes for Culture – is the European network of organisations engaging in cultural relations. Together with our partners, we bring to life European cultural collaboration in more than 90 countries worldwide with a network of 125 clusters, drawing on the broad experience of our members from all EU Member States and associate countries.

European Creative Business Network (ECBN)

The European Creative Business Network (ECBN) is a unique not for profit foundation, founded in 2011, promoting the interests of the cultural creative industries in Europe. Given the diversity of cultural expressions as well as of cultural and creative markets across Europe, ECBN works – on purposes indirectly and decentralized – by supporting leading agencies, funders and intermediaries on local, regional and/or national level to help them support their cultural and creative entrepreneurs.

European Cultural and Creative Industries Alliance (ECCIA)

The European Cultural and Creative Industries Alliance (ECCIA) is composed of seven European cultural and creative industries organisations – Altagamma (Italy), Circulo Fortuny (Spain), Comité Colbert (France), Gustaf III Kommitté (Sweden), Laurel (Portugal), Meisterkreis (Germany) and Walpole (UK) – who between them represent over 600 brands and cultural institutions.

Based on art, culture and creativity, our work is underpinned by continuous innovation, a relentless focus on quality, highly skilled employment and strong exports abroad. Our members strive for the highest quality in all they do, from products and services all the way to the experience offered to consumers.

European Innovation Platform (EIP)

The European Innovation Platform is an interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial online platform as a central point of reference, orientation and execution of funding applications for innovation in the CCI.

The specific goal of EIP is to activate and leverage the diversity of innovators in the CCI across disciplines, sectors, markets and regions and to act as an intermediary to connect these innovators with innovation funding programs of the EU.

EIP provides a new dimension of networking, match making, knowledge exchange as well as application planning and execution to facilitate more innovators to participate in the EU innovation funding and to scale the number of cross-sectorial and interdisciplinary innovations in the European CCI.