Singapore Trade Associations

International Enterprise (IE) Singapore
To meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive global market, the Singapore Trade Development Board has been restructured to focus on internationalising Singapore-based enterprises. Now known as “International Enterprise Singapore” or IE Singapore, their mission is to help Singapore based companies who are willing and able to grow and internationalise successfully.

SPRING Singapore
SPRING Singapore is an agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry responsible for helping Singapore enterprises grow and building trust in Singapore products and services. As the enterprise development agency, SPRING works with partners to help enterprises in financing, capability and management development, technology and innovation, and access to markets. As the national standards and accreditation body, SPRING develops and promotes an internationally-recognised standards and quality assurance infrastructure. SPRING also oversees the safety of general consumer goods in Singapore.

In alphabetical order

Asia Fashion Exchange (AFX)
The Asia Fashion Exchange (AFX) is an annual fashion festival held in Singapore between 2001 and 2015. It began in 2001 as the Singapore Fashion Festival and was conceived by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) with the goal of positioning Singapore as a fashion capital within Southeast Asia. The festival was eventually relaunched as the Asia Fashion Exchange in 2010 as a joint initiative between the private and public sector, and features a variety of fashion-related events.

DesignSingapore Council
The DesignSingapore Council was established in 2003 to help develop the nation’s design sector. This follows from the Economic Review Committee’s report which identified the creative industry as one of the three new sectors (including education and healthcare) for economic growth. The DesignSingapore Council is part of the Ministry of Communications and Information.
Developing the design sector, an important part of the creative industry, can help to enhance Singapore’s value proposition; as well as contribute to the country’s economic growth and social progress.

Singapore Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (SACEOS)
SACEOS is the country’s established industry-trade association. It represents Singapore’s leading convention and exhibition organisers as well as the suppliers of facilities and services. Founded in 1979, SACEOS is a non-profit organisation offering members a range of educational opportunities, industry standards and a global network of business contacts.

Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC)
The Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) was established in 1981 as the official representative body of Singapore’s furniture industry. It currently represents 95% of established furniture manufacturers in Singapore, of whom 65% have subsidiary manufacturing plants in the region including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Its primary role is to promote the interests of its members and the Singapore furniture industry. Many of its initiatives aim to facilitate members’ exposure to the world market, develop local talent and encourage entrepreneurship.

Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFf)
The Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFf) is the only official association for the textile and fashion industry in Singapore. A non-profit organisation, TaFf plays an active role in the development of the industry, supporting its members from manufacturing to retail and fashion. The association aims to support the growth of local fashion designers and retailers, and promote the nation’s pride to ‘Buy & Wear Singapore’. The kind of programmes that TaF.f champions include capability development, marketing and expansion of Singapore’s fashion and textile businesses to the world through overseas mission trips, and promote the betterment of business by adopting eco-friendly business practices via the Apparel Singapore programme.
TaFf advocates the importance of raising the visibility of homegrown brands locally, as well as assists overseas expansion of fashion enterprises, through partnerships and connecting with government bodies like SPRING Singapore, International Enterprises Singapore and Singapore Tourism Board.