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China Trade Association & Chambers of Commerce (FCTACC)
Federation of China Trade Associations & Chambers of Commerce is the only member organization of its type in China that provides legal surveys, policy analysis and recommendation, case analysis, evaluation and guidance as well as services for trade associations and chambers of commerce (ta&cc).
In this process, we have made contribution to the promotion of corporate social responsibilities (Corporate Social Responsibility), and offered consulting support for the sound development of trade associations and chambers of commerce in China. FCTACC functions as a portal for ta&cc, facilitating knowledge transfer, sharing of successful stories, and updating with laws and regulations released by the government,serves as guidance for ta&cc leaders and executives to make and implement their development strategies, allows more ta&cc to display their profilesand provides a good platform for ta&cc to exchange ideas and experience.

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China Cotton Association (CCA)
China Cotton Association is a non-profit organization in the area of cotton with the status of national mass organization legal person, which is voluntarily established by cotton farmers, cotton farmers’ cooperative organizations, enterprises engaged in cotton production, purchase, processing and operation, cotton textile enterprises, cotton research institutes and other organs? and which accepts the supervision and management of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the professional guidance of the All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives.

China Foreign Trade Centre (CFTC)
China Foreign Trade Centre, a government-sponsored institution which affiliated to Ministry of Commerce of PRC, has been responsible for organizing China Import and Export Fair (also known as the Canton Fair) since the establishment of Canton Fair in 1957. And it also hosts or organizes various kinds of exhibitions, expo and business conferences besides running Canton Fair, such as China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Expo, China (Guangzhou) Automobile Exhibition, China Import & Export Commodities Exhibition (Malaysia) etc. At the meantime, CFTC boasts for having and operating a modern Canton Fair complex in Pazhou Island of Haizhu District which occupies the biggest in Asia and the forefront position in the world in term of complex size. Moreover CFTC plays a dominant role in China’s exhibition industry for its professional exhibition experience and service as well as outstanding performance over more than 50 years.
China Foreign Trade Centre (Group), a business entity that affiliated to China Foreign Trade Centre, mainly conducts all forms of exhibitions, including foreign exhibitions in China and Chinese exhibitions both at home and abroad, and also covers business such as advertising, import and export, tourism, hotel, restaurant and property etc., which enables us to provide all-around way services to our customers.

Chinese Leather Association (CLA)
CLA represents the interests of Leather material business of more than thirty countries. Founded in 2002 as a non-political organization, it engages in the maintenance, development and promotion of the international leather goods business.
CLA assists manufacturers in tradings. We work out guidelines and give advices on production, grading and marketing to promote reliability and understanding all around the world. In these directions CLA acts independently or co-operate with national trade associations and other internationally recognized bodies. It provides a communication platform for members to gain informations that affect the leather industry of the world.
CLA is committed providing innovative and customized products, service and solutions that will bring long term growth opportunities for our customers and partners. We ensure qualified products and our logistics experts ensure on-time delivery from anywhere in the region to anywhere in the world.

China Leather Industry Association (CLIA)
China Leather Industry Association, estabished in 1998, comprises 1,300 members. China Leather Industry Association is a national organization and serves for whole China leather industry. The China Leather Industry Association covered the sectors of fur and leather making, footwear, leather garment, handbag, leather products and chemicals as well as related institutions, research institutes and colleges. As the role of a bridge and a tie between the government and enterprises, CLIA has to accomplish the work entrusted by the government, implement the government’s policies and decrees, as well as promote the development of the leather industry.