The CCI narrative: research for a creative Australia

CCI Narrative: Research for a Creative Australia

In Creative Industries by Europa Regina

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI) was an Australian research centre that undertook research in media studies, cultural studies, communication studies, law, education, economics, business technology, and information technology, related to the creative economy, between 2005 and 2013.

Essentially, the story of the CCI has been to give substance to the link between creative industries and innovation, to explore its implications for our core academic discipline fields and several policy domains and, working with industry and community, to assist in its application in practical circumstances. In short, it has sought to mainstream innovation in and through the creative industries for policy consideration, deepen it for academic engagement, and apply it for industry and community benefit. The ‘object of study’ has been arguably more changeable over the period than fields of research intensity such as biotechnology, medical research or IT.

The CCI narrative: research for a creative Australia

Rapid developments, in particular in social media, have occasioned major social, economic and cultural impact. Significant theoretical work has been developed around economics and culture which attempts to feed into this volatile landscape. There is much further to be done. This narrative is organised around the impact or ‘National Benefit’ claims the centre has set itself from day one. These are outcomes-based and thus most appropriate.

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