DOUTZEN, Gavin Rain (Cape Town, 1971) | PAN Amsterdam 2014

Art Trade gets ready for PAN Amsterdam 2014

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PAN Amsterdam 2014, the Art, Antiques and Design Fair of Today

Nov 23-30, 2014, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Every year more than 45,000 art lovers are inspired and tempted by the many thousands of works of art. Whether your interest lies in classical antiquity, old masters, photography, contemporary art, antiques, designer furniture or decorative objects, PAN is the perfect place to compare art, gather information and make surprising discoveries. Each object is vetted by independent experts for quality, authenticity and condition before the fair opens, giving you the assurance that you can buy with confidence.

Helvoirt, 2014 – The twenty-eighth edition of PAN Amsterdam, the fair of today for art, antiques and design, runs from 23 to 30 November 2014 in the RAI conference centre. As ever, there is plenty to look at and discover this year at the annual meeting place for art lovers of all ages. More than 120 art dealers and gallery owners are getting ready to surprise and tempt visitors with extraordinary objects. Every piece at the most important national art fair is vetted beforehand for quality, authenticity and condition by more than seventy-five experts.

PAN Amsterdam 2014This year’s campaign image is Roller Man by Stéphane Halleux (born 1972). Roller Man is a figure composed of avariety of arresting elements, including an electric fan and roller skates. Stéphane Halleux’s unmistakable, captivating creations were the subject and stars of the Oscar-winning short film ‘Mr Hublot’, which won the Academy Award for Animated Short Film in March 2014. Halleux is represented at PAN Amsterdam by Absolute Art Gallery from Belgium.

PAN exhibitor Dr. Lennart Booij, Fine Art – Rare Items obtained his doctorate last year with a thesis on René Lalique (1860-1945). This year, among other things, he will be bringing a compressed air-blown, yellow gold vase, decorated with exotic Japanese fish by the French goldsmith and glass artist.

Many people who come to the fair regard a visit to De Backker Medieval Art/Art@Life’s stand as an absolute must to see the mystical and contemporary way this exhibitor presents medieval art. This year the Belgian dealer is going one step further on a larger stand by interspersing medieval items and contemporary sculptures. For example there will be a Longobardic (Southern Italian) relief dating from the sixth century and a steel sculpture by Olivier de Coux (born 1968) made in 2009.

Art dealer Madelon Eekels, who specializes in twentieth-century paintings, is selling a work by the Dutch painter Willy Boers (1905–1978). Boers played a key role in the establishment of two post-war abstract artists’ groups—Vrij Beelden (1946) and Creatie (1950).

PAN Amsterdam 2014

PAN Amsterdam 2014

A painting by Hugo Claus (1929-2008) will be showing at Jaski Gallery, specialists in contemporary art and the Cobra Group. Claus, from Flanders, is famed as a writer and poet, but he was also a painter and a member of Cobra.

Galerie Rob Koudijs, which specializes in contemporary jewellery, is bringing Black Coral, a black necklace made of apple wood and silver, by Finnish jeweller Terhi Tolvanen (born 1968). The necklace is at the interface of applied and free decorative art, as is all the jewellery the gallery is offering at the fair.

A photograph of Damien Hirst can be seen at the stand of Kahmann Gallery, a specialist in photography. The American photographer Frank W. Ockenfels III (born 1960) took the photograph. Ockenfels’s camera has captured many celebrities, including Barack Obama, George Clooney, Kurt Cobain and David Bowie. Ockenfels has also made many music videos, commercials, posters and advertisements for films and TV series, among them Breaking Bad and Mad Men.

Tribal art exhibitor Visser Gallery from Belgium has a wooden ancestral figure from Yipwon, Papua New Guinea. It is 2.65 metres tall and was made in the early twentieth century.

Fontijn Antiek is selling a hand-coloured terrestrial globe dating from 1848. The globe, 57.5 cm high with a diameter of 45.7 cm, features innumerable references to population numbers, discovery dates, shipwrecks and other fascinating snippets, such as ‘Inhabited by Negroes said to be Cannibals’. Alaska is still termed ‘Russian America’ and the northwest coast of Australia is called ‘New Holland’.

There is also a lot to discover in the Design Pavilion. PAN exhibitor Wonderwood from Amsterdam, for example, has a set of design furniture consisting of a sofa, two chairs and a coffee table by the Austro-German interior designer Herta-Maria Witzemann (1918-1999).

Ariëns Kappers Masterprints is showing an engraving of Pieter Corneliszoon Hooft, classically portrayed as a bust with a laurel wreath. The engraving was made by the silversmith Jan Lutma around 1681. He used his engraver’s point, a kind of goldsmith’s punch, to introduce tone and create a drawing-like texture. The technique Lutma used was rarely employed again.

After a year’s absence Nouvelles Images returns to PAN Amsterdam with items including ‘Waterfall with Pink Rock’ by Hans van Hoek (born 1947). Works by this artist can be found in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and in many collections, including that of Van Lanschot, the fair’s main sponsor.

DOUTZEN, Gavin Rain (Cape Town, 1971) | Leslie Smith Gallery

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