Ambiente Trends 2021 Home Interior Design

Ambiente Trends 2021

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Trendy interior styles, materials and colors for the coming year: Ambiente Trends 2021

How people will want to live in the future, what has struck a chord since the Corona pandemic and which trend forecasts can be derived from this, can be found by buyers and manufacturers on the Ambiente Trends 2021 microsite: Ambiente Trends 2021 – Messe Frankfurt. The trends were researched and curated by the the design studio Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano. With its decades of experience, the the design studio is a subtle seismograph for what is and for what is yet to come. “In particular, trends that persist over time are sociocultural. The year 2020 has fundamentally changed our social and economic behaviour. Against this backdrop, the Ambiente Trends offer valuable impetus for the coming business year, even without an on-site event,” says Nicolette Naumann, Vice President Ambiente.

Three trend themes have been selected for 2021: “emotional. love of home”, “continual. related to nature” and “renewal. notion of redo”.

Ambiente Trends 2021 Home Interior Design

emotional. love of home

A trend that puts the focus on the home and shows how safety and security are conveyed in one’s own four walls. Here, velvety-warm vintage colours such as peach, blush, washed-out forget-me-not blue, nude and nectar yellow create a familiar and soothing living environment and a place where people like to retreat to for a wide variety of activities – from working at home, online yoga class to dinner in an intimate atmosphere.

continual. related to nature

“continual. related to nature” is all about alternative materials that make the home feel close to nature. Coarse fabrics, painterly glazes or deliberately imperfect surfaces give a rugged appearance yet are perfectly crafted. The palette in this living theme ranges from a strong moss tone to earthy browns and greys to vegetative greens.

renewal. notion of redo

“renewal. notion of redo” stands for a spirit of departure: redesigning, upgrading, trying out new ideas. With a DIY attitude and the staging of familiar materials in a way never seen before, the trend world invites you to engage in new perspectives. The colour palette of dark crimson, bright sunshine red, sky violet, pink, orange, fresh blue algae green, cloud grey and ocean blue makes you want to embrace positive change.

The next Ambiente in Frankfurt, Germany, will take place from February 11 to 15, 2022