Trends 2008/2009

Fabric Trends Winter 2008/09

The Texworld fabric trends are structured into 3 segments:

1. Colour Themes
The colours for the winter Season 2008/09 are displayed in four themes. Fabric samples representing each theme will be displayed briefly at the exhibition. In-depth information can be found in i-Tex.
2. Segment Themes
For the following 6 main segments we provide a brief overview of what is important for winter 2008/09: Silk, Embroidery & Lace, Knitwear, Cotton, Wool and Functional Fabrics. Fabric Samples representing each segment will be displayed in the corresponding area at the exhibition. In-depth information about each segment trend the can be found in i-Tex.
3. Season Highlights
General important fabric developments will be presented here. Each represented by selected fabric samples only within the i-TEX database system.
Colour Themes
Colour Trends Winter 2008/09

Fashion is developing with a richness of variety that was previously unknown. The spectrum ranges from rational minimalism right through to feminine playfulness, from authentic naturalness through to futuristic modernity. Thus, it is a reflection of a society that is more multiple and networked than any before it.
Community and individuality permit each individual to live their own identity and style more than ever before.
Reflect - The play of light and shade is reminiscent of the cinema of the forties. The couture of that time inspires an elegance which finds itself in the silky pastels
and the dark shades of the colour range.
With quality and sophistication it refines the fashion statement. Seductive frivolity and masculine allures are blended into a sensual cocktail. The decoration of art déco enriches in the filigree details.
Revive - The warming light of cosy interiors in winter and the rich, expressive colourfulness of leather and woods reflect a scale of warm brown and golden

Camel, leather, rust, walnut and pumpkin satisfy the need for cocooning proximity. Allowing yourself to be spoilt and not resisting every sweet temptation makes life worth living.
Preserve - The longing of mankind for unspoilt naturalness is greater than ever. The wide-open space of Nordic landscapes sets the mood with a range of cool, authentic natural shades. Vegetal and mineral shades modulate olive green, khaki and fango tones to icy blue nuances.

Sulphur and woolly Ecru stimulate the restrained prevailing mood. Casual attitude is the ideal ground for a relaxed, but quality appearance. Today‘s claim to comfort characterizes stamps the materiality.
Construct - The cool objectivity of modern architecture offers the setting an urban atmosphere in grey and deep dark shades. Intensive colours like red, pink, violet or green shine have a monochrome shine, like lights in the city. They define new volumes, provide rhythm for graphic or accentuated sporty looks.

A decided modernity stylishly points clearly to the future. Fashion makes use of current technologies to improve textile functionality and to find stylistic forms
of expression previously unknown.
Segment Themes
Fabric Tendencies Winter 2008/09
Gloss and flowing drape predestine
silk for seductive feminity. In contrast
to woolly volume it will be indispensable
next winter. An elegant brilliance
will be more discreet than in previous
seasons and will strive for sophistication.
Surface reliefs extend from
three-dimensional Matelassés up to
elaborate origami Plissés. Prints tend
towards Camaïeux harmonies with
measured bold accents. Art déco and
modern painting combine artistically
floral motifs.

- Satin, Duchesse
- Silk twill
- Silk stretch
- Laqué & chintz
- Crêpe
- Flowing silk jersey
- Changeant
- Silk checks (Dark tartans)
- Satin stripe on taffeta
- Plissé, origami pleats
- Matelassé-weaves
- Art déco jacquard
- Ties & cashmere patterns
- Graphic prints
- Graphic & floral motifs
Decoration and embellishment
remains a strong fashion impulse.
However, it presents itself considerably
more discreetly, earthier and
thus more sophisticated. Refined
they enrich outfits with a feminine
touch and lavish complexity. Metallic
reflexes stimulate darks in oxidized
bronze, copper and graphite shades.
Glazed yarns refine lingerie colours.
The motif inspiration extends
from linear graphic via art déco right
through to futuristic geometry. Embroidery
becomes attractive through the
extremely wide range of grounds and
embroidery silks used.

- Chantilly
- Raschel overprints or with gloss effect
- Simpler geometric & graphic lace
- Arabesques
- Art déco motifs
- Kimono patterns
- Graphic in mix with geometry
- Matt/brilliant embroidery
- Relief-like multi-layer embroidery (3D effect)
- Sequin embroidery
- Over-embroidered furs & velours
- Full voluminous embroidery yarns
Knitwear and knitted goods ideally
interpret the new volumes of the
season. Comfortable and cosy, they
flatter soft angora or cashmere-soft.
Melange yarns subtly define neutrality.
Milled knits protect naturally. Coarse
wick and impressive bouclé yarns
provide knits with authentic plasticity.
Viscose, PA and metal yarns have an
elegant gloss. Flowing fine knits puts
itself in modern Drapés and reflects
in chintz and lacquer finish. Rational
Milano-jersey has a contemporary
look in precise outfits.

- Milano-Jersey
- Punto Roma
- 3D effects
- Double-knits with wrong-side effects
- Felted Knit
- Lana Cotta
- Authentic tweed & bouclé yarns
- Relief knits
- Cloqué effects
- Positioned felt or Dévoré finishes
- Animal skin structures
- Hairy fur optics
- Gloss effects in viscose, silk or metal
- Flowing silky fine knits
- Open, light, also multilayer knits
- Graphic Patterns
On the one hand, cotton defines itself
as high quality in compact, linear
fabrics, on the other, authentic and
casual in wash and dyed finishes.
Urban Cotton is compactly woven in
twisted yarns and prefers satin, twill
or diagonal structures. With Technics
it gets even finer. Stretch has a
top priority for the new slim silhouette.
Slightly structured, over-dyed
and brushed cotton propagate the
casual attitude. CO/polyester facilitate
differentiated wool-like optics. Retropatterns
like faux-unis, suit stripes
and blurred checks are favourites.
Shirts apostrophize fine and discreetly
patterned neo-classic. Regimental
stripes, refined checks and tartans
casually achieve a new look.

- High density
- Preppy twisted cotton
- Twills & diagonals
- “Retro” suit pattern
- Bi-stretch
- Techno blends
- Leather & authentic finish
- Oily finish
- Organic Cotton
- Velvet
- Corduroy
- Discreet Stripes & mini-graphics for urban shirts
- Stretch shirts
- Regimental stripes
- Flannels
- Changeant
- Dobbie & jacquard
- art déco prints
Perfectly dressed - distinctive twills
and double fabrics in fine and dense
woollens are regarded as trendsetters.
With a technical finish, wool
features future aspects. Smaller,
refined graphics and male-inspired
patterns are in demand. Knitted fabrics,
full serges and doublefaces are
predestined for monochrome coats.
Patterned and self-printed fabrics
liven up fancy coats. Wool radiates a
casual appeal in blends with linen and
cotton. Knitted glen checks and tweed
make patterns more gentle.

- Precious Wool
- Heavy Classics (Serge, Tricotine)
- Luxury lustrous Plains (WO/WS)
- Male Pattern (dogtooth, glen check,
suit stripes)
- Techno-wool
- Glossy finish
- Double weaves
- Fluid crêpes
- Flannel, felt
- Recoloured Brit checks
- Dark tartans
- Relaxed wool (WO/CO, WO/LI)
- Wool jersey
- Printed, fancy wool
- Tweed
- Broken bouclés
- “Fur Appeal”
Performance and high-tech appeal
are in the fashion focus. Dense Technics
like Shape Memory twills or
sporty nylon canvas are part of the
basic equipment. Brushed synthetic
leather and coated velvets spoil with a
soft touch. A science fiction-like look
is provided by lacquered, high-gloss
and metallic structures. Matelassé and
sandwich quilting have a geometric
quilted look. Changeants elegantly
attract attention to themselves.
Natural Technics (CO/PA, CO/PL)
combine technical performance with
natural authenticity.

- High density PL
- Shape Memory with Cotton
- Chintz
- Leather coatings
- Black warp
- Metallics
- Sandwich & relief quilting
- Bondings
- Power-stretch
- Nano-Tech
- Climate control Technics
- Micro & mesh structures
- Techno felt
Season Highlights
Fabric Tendencies Winter 2008/09
Season Highlight 1
Male attitude
Suiting extrafine
Shadow stripes
Invisible checks
Military rigour
Regimental stripes
Double crêpes
Graphic tweeds
Season Highlight 2
Compact weaves
Ultra clean
Heavy twills
Double jersey
Jersey Milano
Punto Roma
Graphic patterns
Noncolour mood
Graphic contrast (Black & intense colour)
Season Highlight 3
Technic Outdoor
Technosuits (WO/PA)
Hightech Bistretch
Shape memory
Nylon & Nylonblends
Mesh & technical structure
Metallic coatings (Oxide-Silver, Copper, Bronze)
Future graphics
Laser Motifs
Season Highlight 4
Chintz, glossy finish
Deep taffetas
Jersey fluid
Lurex weaves
Metallic Prints
Sequin embroidery
Transparency, lace
Panne de velours
Season Highlight 5
Organic cotton
Organic denim
100% Natural blends
Animal, vegetal, WO/LI, CO/WO
Leather finish
Natural surface
Relaxed finish
Natural structures
Fused pattern
Animal prints
Soft coloured
Casual velvet
Season Highlight 6
Brushed cotton
Luxury finish (Cashmere touch)
Soft felted
Cosy velvet
Funny furs
Soft tweed
Season Highlight 7
Matelassé weaves
Sandwich technics
Coarse knits
Fabric-like knits
Hairy surface
Fancy Natté
Season Highlight 8
Ornamental patterns
Graphic & floral
Pictural designs
Pattern abstraction
Action painting designs
Bright plains
Colour vibration (fancy weaves)
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