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  Fashion A/W 2011/2012
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  Fashion S/S 2011
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  Fashion S/S 2010
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  Fashion A/W 2009-2010
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  Fashion S/S 2009
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  Fashion S/S 2008
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  Fashion A/W 2007-2008
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  Fashion S/S 2007
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  Fashion A/W 2006-07 
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  Fashion S/S 2006
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CIFF Fashion Trends
Fashion Trends Autumn/Winter 2009-2010

Gold Diggers


Inspiration of functional country buildings. Focus on a modern barn spirit.
A new take on the pioneer spirit. The good sense of the Shakers, the simplicity of the Amish, a pre-industrial world where gold diggers and hobos jumped trains in search of adventure. A rough, rebellious chic, not lacking in sensuality.

A range of neutrals evoking the dusty landscapes, from ocher to green and completed by grayed blues and the colors of enamel.

A range of denuded tones, greenish and yellowish neutrals evoking the vegetation of the American prairies, completed by a grayed blue and the pinkish notes of heather. Make-up favors material effects: powdery, used, faded, gradated, and washed-out. Flashes of golden or coppery shine in touches and associated with grayed or greenish neutrals. Hair is very sober in neat, controlled volumes.

Raw materials: tweed, thick broadcloths, boiled wool flannels, thick military blanket-style wools
Very masculine notes: Prince of Wales checks, Harris Tweed, big checks
Soft, slightly used fabrics: washed, brushed, used, emerized cottons
Denim: authentic, raw or slightly softened by washing
“Handkerchief” checks, tone-on-tone embroideries, flounced trims. Cotton laces, floral poplins, quilt-style motifs

Key Women’s Products
Little coats and square jackets with rows of buttons
Officer-style jackets and coats
Carpenter-style cropped pants: multi-pockets, oversized, removable braces
Elaborated smocks, blouses and tunics: topstitching, Liberty prints, broderie anglaise
Shirttails and light dresses in “farmer’s daughter” satin and cretonne. Tone-on-tone crochet
Mini blazers in cotton plain weave or coated tweed, piped in nubuck
Silk peasant dresses in a romantic spirit.

Key Men’s Products
Wide, cropped, darted trousers in big retro checks
Short spencer-style jackets.
Denim work blousons lined in lambskin or rabbit, or in wadded quilting
Boxy leather blousons: perfecto, biker, aviator styles
Coated or oiled cotton trousers with yokes, panels and leather reinforcements
Short US military officer’s jackets
Slim fatigues: less volume, pockets are more discreet.

Women: straight drawstring boots, snap-fastened belts, belt-purses, aumônières, carpincho gloves, shearling sandals
Men: biker’s boots, slouch bags in aged leather or in grungy checked canvas, retro military caps
All images © Bella Center A/S
Copenhagen International Fashion Fair