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CIFF Fashion Trends
Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2009



Dare to take up the challenge of modern times. Build a bold and creative future like the architecture of cities such as Shanghai or Dubai. After the cool attitude trend, it is time to straighten up, sculpt shapes and take care over appearance. Bewitching appeal. A new lesson in luxury and glamour.

Mysterious and night-time shadows and austere faux blacks that catch the light are enriched by shimmering glints and livened up by vivid accents of electric light.

- Opacity. Compact, bonded or breathable cotton. Heavy canvas, tight weave twills and drills, thick denims.
- Glossy grounds. Polyester or cotton sateens, iridescent gabardines, leather-style waxed twills. Precious shirting, lamés, threaded Lurex, metallic coatings, fluid viscose satins.
- Technical. Lacquered nylons, bronze coatings, membraned fabrics.
- Knits. Carapace or foamback jersey, velours, stretch interlocks, fluid fleece.
- Patterns. Giant and two-tone tribal geometrics.

Key women's wear products
- Shielded short jacket, twisted angled sleeves. Sleeveless, tuxedo-style, cropped waist-length or elongated jacket.. Hooded hi-tech blouson. Fluid zip-front blouson.
- Shorts suit in denim or casual cotton.
- Fluid jumpsuit with dropped crotch and waist emphasis. Slim jeans continue. Capri slacks with waist in the right place and round hips.
- Tube skirt. Structured dress.
- Seamed colour contrast T-shirt. Hooded sweat with split armholes. Graphic top, fluid top to wear over athletic crop top.
- Sculpted sweater. Chain mail tunic sweater.
- Details: colour contrast lining, matt and shiny bi-fabric effects.

Key men's wear products
- Chic and climatic maxi windbreaker. Shirtweight perfecto jacket. Multi-pocket city overjacket.
- Tarred denim slacks. Loose urban bermudas. Chic jogging pants with shiny flatlock. Multi-seamed sport inspired pants.
- Sexy shiny shirt. Shirt with French cuffs.
- Ultra-supple zip-front sweat with contrasting yoke. Silky jersey tank. Satin edged cardigan.

Focus on accessories
- Women. Tribal design sculpture jewellery. Bandeau belt in metallic leather. Chrome leather clutch bag. Heavy-sole sandal in raw leather, thick-heeled lace-up shoe. Platform gladiator sandal.
- Men. Cuff links. Braces for slim jeans. Maxi tote in anodized leather. Mercurized-look oxfords. Metallic leather, canvas and rubber sneakers.
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Copenhagen International Fashion Fair