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CIFF Fashion Trends
Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2008

Classic Twist
Classic Twist

Slightly wacky classics! The codes of chic American sportswear and of shirting are adapted for everyday style. A slightly sexy version with a smart look for women; a retro accent worn with a careless touch for men.

A graphic range that disturbs tradition. Blues, reds, white, beige and grey in different depths of shade that are never conventional. Play with three-colour harmonies for spring and multicolours for high summer.

Clean and supple…light, solid, striped and micro-patterned suitings. Fine twills, ribbed piqués, seersuckers, clean denims, lighterweight drills. Timeless shirting…poplins, oxford, chambray, stripes. Light technicals…coated cottons, waterproof taffeta. Chic knits…calendered jerseys, piqué or waffled sport knits, light fleeces. Graphic stripes, distorted and engineered diamond-shaped jacquards.

Preppy mood…the blouson stars for all markets. Bowling blousons, retro chic blousons slim shapes, elongated blousons with contrast ribbing. Blazers with tilted hems, cropped, loose and belted jackets, and waistcoats for women. Softened jackets for men. Pleated, fluid, masculine-style pants and urban bermudas for women. Smart chinos and clean bermudas for men. Shirts with twisted seaming and cuts, shirts with patchwork stripes for everyone. Shirt-dresses and shirts with back buttoning for women. Chic sport…the knit wardrobe is updated with new proportions, and layering continues.
Polo-shirts and bustier-dresses in striped jersey. City jogwear, roomy sweatshirts, shell-blousons with couture design, architecturally cut shapes, tulip skirts. More unisex, T-shirts with giant graphic motifs printed in matt white. As for knitwear, polos, slim XX-long sweaters, sweaters with intarsia motifs in mercerized cotton.

Bands, bias tapes, plackets, collars, colour contrast topstitching. Dropped armholes, tilted necklines and hems. Mix of shirting fabrics on the same product. Eyelets, snaps, jogging-style drawstrings.

Sporty inspiration…sport bags in canvas and leather or printed. Striped webbing belts. Sunhats and visors. Tennis shoes with leather inset in coloured stripes. Tennis shoes with high thick heels for women. The metal touch…silvery sophistication. Belt bags in ultra-light nylon, metallic chain mail bags. Pleated and moulded ballet slippers in pearlized leather. Cuff bracelets.
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