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CIFF Fashion Trends
Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2007

North Summer Light


The ambience of a Northern beach, fresh and vivifying, bathed in the summer light. It gives the feeling of a natural, healthy lifestyle in the open air, without complications nor ambiguity. Far from pollution, here it is clean and fresh. In this context, the look must be casual, composed around shirts and polo shirts, enlivened with rather naïve folkloric touches, inspired by the Scandinavian countryside. For women, a more romantic approach, going as far as a certain sensuality, combines the casual spirit with the naïve folkloric feeling.

A fresh, precise palette, enlivened by bleached bright tones combined with white.For bottoms and outerwear: fresh colours, bleached brights, clean pastels and and always white.
For the small pieces: more vitaminized and fresh tones based around yellow, coral and beige for a more romantic aspect, combined with white.

A fresh, casual spirit in a straight line of blouson and close-fitting pants. This silhouette can be treated either in a casual chic manner, in a shirting spirit, or a more everyday look with sweaters.
A more romantic spirit for a soft line with emphasized waist and fluid bottoms. Fluid, diaphanous volumes, tops in a mix of fresh cotton and chiffon…or else, fresh and cheerful in a colourful ambience with touches of fantasy.

Key products
- Pants, skirts or jackets in fresh colours
- Casual and romantic mix
- Pattern mixing: shirtings and poetic flowers
- Off-kilter buttoning
- Flounced, fluid yokes
- Focus on polos with reworked collars and ribbing
- Sweater-blouson, dress and sweater-blouse
- Checked blousons
- bloused effects with gathers at the waist, sleeves and necklines

Clean, simple easy to wear style, interpreted in shirtings: poplins, oxford and plain cottons, in either fresh stripes or solid colours to play on contrasts. Cottons are important, but are often blended with nylon or polyester, for a touch of modernity.
Shirting stripes are reworked in association with the solids, little window-pane checks or « Liberty » flowers.
In heavier weights: gabardines, drills and denim wefted with white or in bleached colours.
A more emphasized structure for piqués and honeycomb weaves.
Importance of piqué or ribbed jersey knits for new T-shirts and polos.
In a more romantic spirit, development of cotton voiles ornamented with fine embroidery and new broderie anglaise. Even more feminine are the light silks such as chiffons, silk pongee or lightweight satin.
Featherweight nylons continue
Mat, slightly gummy coated cottons for protective garments
Importance of shirting stripes combined with mini, naïve folkloric patterns
Cut-out flowers and mixes of graphics, as well as fine, delicate linear flowers.

- Fresh printed bag with ribbing detail
- Nautical bag with poetic print
- Sporty soft bag
- Ballerinas in a scarf spirit
- Printed shoes with stripes and fresh evanescent little flowers
- Sunglasses with smoke-tinted lenses

Make-up: Bleached colours for eyes. Solid colour makes a comeback in a radically simple spirit. A romantic spirit in a manner slightly more artificial, amusing, junior and pencilled.
Hairstyles: Review the hairstyles of our childhood: headbands, hairclips, etc…hair is accessorized. Also a folkloric spirit with fantasy chignons in the Swedish mode, enriched with ribbons or more naïve plaits. For day, a smooth, natural spirit, silky and sophisticated and treated in white-blond tints.
Motifs: Scandinavian inspiration, in the image of simple, graphic cut-outs.

A range of fresh, luminous, slightly bleached acidics with a touch of white for a clean, neat appeal.

A chic, relaxed silhouette conveying a refined casualness, emphasized by small items like polo shirts or shirts.
Blousons are simpler.
Big pieces mixed together give this theme the feel of simplicity mixed with elegance.
Accessories are inspired by contemporary design.
Key products
- Windbreaker mood, featherweight blousons in ultra-ligth cotton or technical nylon
- Casual jacket played in different versions of cotton ( solids, seersucker, prints…)
- Easy straight pant in cotton
- Colored low-waisted jean’s
- Fleece knit bermuda in a beach style
- Slightly nipped shirt played up in stripes or fresh prints
- Sweatshirts and sweaters with retro details
- Polo shirt in sportswear mood

A clean, neat, easy-to-live-in style : structures are fine and impeccable (gabardine, canvas, poplin,
mini-textures …)
Poplins, pinhead weaves, oxford cloths and seersuckers work for small pieces (shirts) while solids and fresh stripes show off in contrasts.
Colored denims are whitened.
Lots of stripe games, from simple, fake two-tones to more complicated candy stripes or even deck chair stripes for more impact.
Geometric prints and naive retro graphics.

- Yachting travel bag
- Parachute canvas bag
- Loafers with tab-strap band
- Clean high-tops
- Thong sandals in leather with coloured braids
- Sport braid belt with pure metallic buckles
- Colored sunglasses in retro 80’s influence
- Necklace with pure design metallic pend
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