CIFF Fashion Trends

  Fashion S/S 2012
Fashion Trends New Edge
Fashion Trends Technicolor Summer
Fashion Trends Soft Alternative
Fashion Trends Urban Jungle
  Fashion A/W 2011/2012
Fashion Trends Gold Medallist
Fashion Trends Eco-Optimistic
Fashion Trends World Remix
Fashion Trends Far-Off Lands
  Fashion S/S 2011
Fashion Trends Tiny Pleasures
Fashion Trends Exotic Junk
Fashion Trends Elitist Elegance
Fashion Trends Color Therapy
  Fashion A/W 2010-2011
Fashion Trends Body Performance
Fashion Trends Trady-Twist
Fashion Trends Rustic Roots
Fashion Trends Dark Poetry
  Fashion S/S 2010
Fashion Trends Light Tech
Fashion Trends Ode to Nature
Fashion Trends Southern Folk
Fashion Trends Popular Appeal
  Fashion A/W 2009-2010
Fashion Trends Dandy Manifesto
Fashion Trends Gold Diggers
Fashion Trends Bewitchment
Fashion Trends Techno-Folk
  Fashion S/S 2009
Fashion Trends Tomorrowland
Fashion Trends In Process
Fashion Trends Powerfull
Fashion Trends Electrochoc
  Fashion A/W 2008-2009
Fashion Trends On the Move
Fashion Trends Dark Fiction
Fashion Trends Soft Tech
Fashion Trends Kitch Mix
  Fashion S/S 2008
Fashion Trends Easy Delight
Fashion Trends Urban Nomad
Fashion Trends Global Poetry
Fashion Trends Classic Twist
  Fashion A/W 2007-2008
Fashion Trends Be Quiet
Fashion Trends Neo Work
Fashion Trends Eclectic Chic
Fashion Trends Retro Future
  Fashion S/S 2007
Fashion Trends North Summer Light
Fashion Trends First Class Cruise
Fashion Trends Globe Trotter
Fashion Trends Tropical Shadows
  Fashion A/W 2006-07 
Fashion Trends Barbarian Wedding
Fashion Trends Doll's House
Fashion Trends Heady Sins
Fashion Trends United Workers
  Fashion S/S 2006
Fashion Trends Rich Land/DK
Fashion Trends Totem/UK
Fashion Trends True Folk/UK
Fashion Trends Rustic Soul/UK

CIFF Fashion Trends
Fashion Trends Autumn/Winter 2007-2008

Be Quiet
Fashion is calmer and worked with greater natural style. It is time to refocus on oneself. Shapes are simplified to get to the essentials. Design serves a well-being that now aims to be more pragmatic and street led.

A range with a predominance of coloured neutrals. Shades of string, kraft paper, fawn and taupe beige. Really simple flannel, chiné, bluish and greenish grays. Modernized with a washed blue or red accent. Livened up with an occasional flash of snow white.

Soft protection. Foamback woollens, double faces, shearlings, felted chiné cottons. 
Sport cocoon. Fine scroopy featherweight padded nylons. Micro quiltings. Bulky but light cotton double-weaves or organic cottons.
Cuddly cottons. Brushed twills, velvety cottons, vintage moleskins, emerized shirtweight twills and flannelettes.
Soft chic. Wool/cashmere or wool/cotton broadcloths, wool flannels.
City knits. Fine gauge, cashmere, merino wool, space dyed cotton/wool yarn. Plain jerseys, chinés, tone-on-tone jacquard motifs.
Chill-proof knits. Organic cotton, bamboo, soybean. Napped fleece, brushed , foamed, multi-layers jerseys. Heavy gauge knits, rustic wool, wool/alpaca. Stitchwork, two-tone graphic Nordic jacquards.
Blurring. Spot and camouflage prints imitating Nature.

Baggy, fluid, supple and protective shapes, square-cut for casual and citywear.
Self-protection. Puffa coats. XXL parkas. Enveloping jackets. Padded vests like crossovers or short jackets.
Really simple. Cover-up coats, kimono-cut jackets. Rectangular shift-style dresses. Long and short tops and T-shirts to layer over leggings, slim or baggy pants. Dresses to drape and stretch with total fluidity.
Jogging spirit. Hooded sweats, ski-style or loose fluid leggings.

Simplified, wrap, drawstring and folded shapes. The supple comfort of dropped crotches for pants.
Hoods, turtlenecks, ring collars, incorporated scarf collars. Buttonless closings.

Tote bags, ballet pumps with wide straps, ankle boots in soft leather and textiles to tie.
Quilted bags and belts, inflated shapes.

Outerwear. Boxy duffle-coats. Streamlined multi-pocket or multi-zipper parkas. Soft blousons with wide ribbing. Padded vests.
Slacks. Supple, minimal finishings, concealed zippers. White jeans.
Shirts. To treat like sweatshirts with striped ribbing and incorporated knit hoods.
Knitwear. Slim crew neck sweaters, colour contrast neckline or flatlock stitching. Fur-lined sweat blousons. Chunky winter sport sweaters with mock turtleneck collars.

Hoods, detachable fur-lined hoods, high collars.
Rounded seaming, tone-on-tone topstitching, thermofused interior edging in bright colours.

Hat, scarf and gloves in knitted wool.
Desert boots, "air bag" trainers.
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Copenhagen International Fashion Fair