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2015 Beauty & Wellness Trade Shows

Trade Shows City Dates
InterCHARM Moscow, Russia Oct 21-24
Cosmobeauté Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia Oct 15-17
Cosmobeauté Thailand Bangkok, Thailand Sep 23-25
Hair and Beauty Frankfurt, Germany Aug 29-30
Cosmobeauté Asia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Jul 6-9
Cosmobeauté Myanmar Yangon, Myanmar Jun 11-13
Beauty Eurasia Istanbul, Turkey Apr 30-May 2
Fibo Cologne, Germany Apr 9-12
Cosmobeauté Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Apr 9-11
TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days Düsseldorf, Germany Mar 28-29
Beauty Düsseldorf Düsseldorf, Germany Mar 27-29
Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna Bologna, Italy Mar 20-23
Cosmopack Bologna, Italy Mar 19-22
Personal Care & Homecare Ingredients (PCHi) Shanghai, China Mar 12-14
Estet Beauty Expo Kyiv, Ukraine Mar 11-13
The Hair Project Kortrijk, Belgium Mar 8-9
Salon Melbourne Melbourne, Australia Mar 1-2
Professional Beauty London, UK Feb 22-23

2014 Beauty & Wellness Trade Shows

Trade Shows City Dates
Saudi Health and Beauty Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Nov 24-27
Cosmoprof Asia Hong Kong, China Nov 12-14
in-cosmetics Asia Bangkok, Thailand Nov 4-6
EBS Pack Mexico City, Mexico Oct 26-28
InterCHARM Moscow, Russia Oct 22-25
Cosmobeauté Thailand Bangkok, Thailand Sep 24-26
InterCHARM Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine Sep 17-19
BeautyEurasia Istanbul, Turkey Jun 12-14
Hair Expo Australia Sydney, Australia Jun 7-9
CosmeticBusiness Munich, Germany Jun 5-6
Beautyworld Middle East Dubai, UAE May 27-29
SibBeauty Novosibirsk, Russia May 21-24
Beautyworld Japan Tokyo, Japan May 19-21
International Beauty Expo Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia May 17-20
Beauty Show Krasnodar Krasnodar, Russia May 15-17
Hair & Beauty meets Hairworld Frankfurt, Germany May 3-5
Cosmobeauté Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Apr 24-26
Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna Bologna, Italy Apr 10-14
in-cosmetics Hamburg, Germany Apr 1-3
TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days Düsseldorf, Germany Mar 22-23
Beauty Düsseldorf Düsseldorf, Germany Mar 21-23
The Hair Project Rotterdam, The Netherlands Mar 16-17
Beauty & Care Istanbul, Turkey Mar 13-16

Cosmetic regulations in Europe are often updated to follow the trends of innovations and new technologies while ensuring product safety. For instance, all annexes of the Directive 76/768/EEC were aimed to address potential risks to human health. The new and latest EU Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009 will take full effect in July 2013. Under this new regulation, manufacturers, retailers and importers of cosmetics in Europe will be designated as “Responsible Person”. This new status implies that the responsible person has the legal liability to ensure that the cosmetics and brands they manufacture or sell comply with the current cosmetic regulations and norms. The responsible person is also responsible of the documents contained in the Product Information File, a list of product information including data such as Cosmetic Product Safety Report, product description, GMP statement or product function.

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The main directive in the European Union affecting the manufacture, labelling and supply of cosmetics and personal care products is Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC. It applies to all the countries of the EU as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. These regulations apply to single-person companies making or importing just one product as well as to large multinationals. In the UK the directive is enacted as the Cosmetic Product (safety) Regulations 2008.

Manufacturers and importers of cosmetic products must comply with the applicable regulations in order to sell their products in the EU. In this industry it is common fall back on a suitably qualified person, such as an independent third party inspection and testing company, to verify the cosmetics’ compliance with the requirements of applicable cosmetic regulations and other relevant legislation, including REACH, GMP, hazardous substances, etc.

In the European Union, the circulation of cosmetic products and their safety has been a subject of legislation since 1976. One of the newest amendments of the directive concerning cosmetic industry is a result of the attempt to ban animal testing. Testing cosmetic products on animals has been illegal in the European Union since September 2004, and testing the separate ingredients of such products on animals is also prohibited by law, since March 2009.