Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna
Apr 16-19, 2010, Bologna, Italy
Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2010
The World of Beauty meets at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2010

The 42nd edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2009 closes on an upbeat note of enthusiasm and positive thinking.
In a veritable evolution R-evolution, the trade fair has undergone the transformation into an Event (with a capital E), conveying immense satisfaction and dynamism with its contents, vital statistics and targeted, highly qualified trade exchanges (including an average increase of 30% in contracts signed by exhibitors during Cosmoprof 2009).
Giving ample consideration to the unusual coverage afforded to the Cosmoprof event by the media, we perceived a redoubled interest among our visitors in the contents on offer during the event. Curiosity, ideas and informal chats that led to much more, all in a truly enthusiastic, really positive climate. The atmosphere you breathed was a tranquil one: no mean feat at a time like the present!

Here are a few of the new features, the moments that attracted the greatest numbers:

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 20101. The halls dedicated to beauty salons and spas, which turned out to be not at all liquid, but a rather solid option as things stand now, considering the investments made by our exhibitors, even in the current economic climate.

2. A delegation of buyers from the French luxury industry feted at the "International Business or Dinner", a dinner held for 100 highly qualified businessmen, whose purpose was to help them develop their business, and 150 "B2B Meetings" organised by Cosmoprof, as a high-level international platform to consolidate relations between businessmen operating in different sectors: spas, perfume and cosmetics shops, packaging. Then there was also the Cosmoprof Spa Symposium: a two-day exchange about how to reposition the concept of spa and aesthetics in Europe and about the future development of trends in 4 and 5 star hotels, so as to develop profit-oriented business.

3. The private event organised by Chanel for its customers: silent and thoughtful, practising the concept that "less is more" and achieving a high emotional impact.

4. The Tribute Show for the art of cutting and styling; five great names composing in a theatre so quiet, concentrated and almost enchanted by the soloists' inimitable bravura that you could literally hear the pins they dropped. Beguilingly simple, the top quality content was conveyed with the wonderful understatement that only the great can afford: a truly unique experience.

5. The Cosmoff Lab, a place to get inspiration and catch sight of trends present and future: internationally celebrated noses, chefs, design agencies and beauty exponents together generated culture, told about their experiences and shared their visions. The trends suggested by our trend book literally sold like hot cakes.

6. The international industry - and spearheading it the Italian industry - raised its head. . . and that's no mean achievement compared to other countries, which are suffering inextricably.

Last but not least: to summarise our Event, GFK Eurisko is completing the qualitative and quantitative research survey commissioned by SoGeCos to monitor the level of visitor satisfaction and the Event's capacity to provide an important stimulus for the business. The data compiled by the survey will be presented in the near future.


* 31,000 tickets sold via the web: + 63% over last year. (1/3 of all tickets sold: a new record). No queues at the ticket offices, a result better than anyone could have hoped for, with daily peaks of 2,800 tickets. About 100,000 Euros received every day via the web alone.
* 2,248 exhibitors: + 3% over last year
* 1,323 foreign exhibitors: 60% of total exhibitors
* 60 countries represented by exhibitors
* 91,000 m2 of display space: + 3% over last year
* 513 journalists accredited: an unprecedented record, plus more than 20 television features about the Event.


* 139,523 (-7.5% compared to last year): if we consider our exhibitors as potential clients for the Event, as professional business operatives present, the visitor numbers increase to 175,000
* 33,338 foreign visitors (-14.9% compared to last year)
* 106,185 Italian visitors (-4.8% compared to last year).

The next edition of Cosmoprof (Perfumery & Cosmetics, Hair, Beauty) will be held from 16 – 19 April 2010 in the Fairground District, Bologna. Cosmopack Hall 19-20 will be held from 15 - 18 April 2010.