Berlin, October 24th, 2006
In spite of huge investments aiming at visitors and exhibitors as well as specific marketing and communication measures, BREAD & BUTTER BERLIN has not met with sufficient response. According to the number of registrations by now, it is not possible to guarantee a high-quality event. Karl-Heinz Müller: “We respect our partners’ objects and requirements, both in industry and trade. It would be counterproductive, if we organized the event ignoring the current situation.”
BREAD & butter
BREAD & butter History

The idea for BREAD & butter – offshow for selected brands was born in April 2001.

The following July this small, fine “offshow” again provided a platform suitable to their culture for approximately 60 selected brands and labels, who no longer felt at home at the more conventional trade fairs.

The “eckige Rundbau” (square rotunda) in Cologne became a magnet for streetwear culture and by the beginning of the new season in January 2002, a growing community had fallen under its spell. Whilst the premiere in July 2001 was mainly known to insiders, the achievements of the second BREAD & butter made the entire industry take notice. The signet ring – a welcome greeting for exhibitors and supporters in the first hour – became a symbol of “inner circle business” and the BREAD & butter community.

Unaffected by the difficulties that were facing traditional exhibitions at that time, the third BREAD & butter in August 2002 was a success and became the new star in heaven. BREAD & butter had reached great heights and continued to rise. It pointed the way …

Berlin – the city’s international standing, its multi-facetted nature and the worldwide recognition of its “urban culture”, these were ideal parameters for the relocation of BREAD & butter, and for the expansion of its international nature. In January 2003, BREAD & BUTTER BERLIN celebrated its opening at the fantastic former Siemens cable factory. With the bear over three B’s, BREAD & butter continues to clearly acknowledge the city. The logo has become a recognised symbol throughout the fashion industry. Even the critics were forced to admit that the Berlin premiere was a complete success – the power of strong international brands harmonising with the creativity and excitement of small, innovative labels. The “offshow” had become a successful and independent “tradeshow”.

In July 2003 the outside section of the show, the Luna Park, was also opened. The key image of the exhibition, the white dove of peace, was an expression of the international political stance of BREAD & butter. For BREAD & BUTTER BERLIN, “Berlinlove” was a further step in the direction of success and internationalism.

Step by step, BREAD & butter built upon its success: with “Next Move” in January 2004, it expanded its portfolio to include the sportswear segment. In addition to this, luxury and designer labels were also given a home, in the new “Superior Area”.

With “Berlingold” in July 2004 Berlin paid homage to the golden era of the 20’s, during which the city became recognised as an international centre for fashion. Berlin had a successful summer show which was visited by well-known international retailers and buyers. BREAD & butter had won the gold.

BREAD & BUTTER BERLIN was given the title “SELECTED.” in January 2005. The “Superior Area”, with its designer and luxury labels, was well established both qualitatively and quantitatively. The premiere of milk&honey for progressive women’s wear was also a success. “SELECTED.” was the definitive international breakthrough for BREAD & butter and it paved the way for BREAD & BUTTER EUROVISION

Exhibitors: 1,156, visitors: 73,774

July 2006: BREAD & butter - tradeshows for selected brands in Barcelona and Berlin once again affirmed the importance of both locations. The concept and content of both shows clearly differed from one another. With increased visitor numbers, BBBarcelona exceeded all expectations and underlined its position as the strongest and most international tradeshow of contemporary fashion in Europe. BBBerlin presented a high quality exhibitor portfolio to its national and international retailers and buyers. Berlin proofed once again to be an important platform for the German, Northern and Eastern European market.

Dates: BBBarcelona: 5. - 7. 7. 2006, BBBerlin: 14. - 16. 7. 2006



Key visual: The Spirit of BREAD & butter arises from a get-together of different people from different cultures. Staff, labels, brands, designers, visitors and press – they all are part of the BREAD & butter Community. The international advertisement campaign visualizes definitions of the term: About 600 heads of the B&b Community were illustrated on approximately 100 different motives.

Core statement: Community – the people you live, work and share with.

Exhibitors: app. 1.210, visitors: app. 80.000

The two strong “tradeshows for selected brands” in Barcelona and Berlin affirmed once more the BREAD & BUTTER EUROVISION concept. BREAD & BUTTER BARCELONA denoted another increase in visitor numbers as well as BREAD & BUTTER BERLIN that was again highly frequented by buyers and retailers from Northern and Western Europe. The success of both tradeshows shows that the “urban” cities Barcelona and Berlin cannot replace each other, they complement one another.

Dates: BBBarcelona: 18. - 20.01.2004. BBBerlin: 27. - 29.01.2006



Key visual: colourful, exciting, attractive and playful – the amethys stands for the city of Barcelona and for its flair. Bright, clear, sublime and strong is the stone crystal and therefore represents Berlin and its characteristics.

Core statement: The different stones communicate the differentiation of both platforms that correspond to the event cities and their attributes.

Exhibitors: 1.028, Visitors: 71.000

With the premiere in July, 2005, BREAD & BUTTER demonstrated the success of the EUROVISION concept and doubled the numbers of exhibitors and visitors compared to the event in January ‘05. With two major equal events in Barcelona followed by Berlin two weeks later, BBB covers the complete European market by establishing a north-south axis.

The concept will be kept in the future - BREAD & BUTTER EUROVISION takes place seasonally in Barcelona and in Berlin.

Dates: 08.-10. 07. 2005 Barcelona, 22.-24.07 2005 Berlin

Title: BREAD & BUTTER EUROVISION - tradeshows for selected brands


Key visual: A ray shaped pattern, inspired by sunbeams in the colors grey and white reaches beyond the fond and spreads out. The neutral colors underline the equal meaning of both events, Berlin and Barcelona.

Core statement: BREAD & BUTTER EUROVISION shines over the entire European market.

Exhibitors: 650, Visitors: 42.000

After a marvellous event in summer 2004, BREAD & BUTTER BERLIN has fully established its expanded concept. Selected exhibitors and retailers of contemporary clothing culture took full advantage of the tradeshow. The trade business is clearly driving forward.

The part of international visitors lies at about 50%.

Dates: 21.-23.01.2005

Title: BREAD & BUTTER BERLIN - tradeshow for striking brands

Slogan: “SELECTED. tradeshow for striking brands”

Key visual: A bear’s paw as imprint, which in detail consists of the exhibitors’ brand names. The identity is clearly outlined and was composed of the sum of exhibitors. BREAD & butter leaves its marks…

Core statement: Selected exhibitors, selected visitors - BREAD & butter is an inner circle business. Selected brands for selected people.
VII. Berlingold

Exhibitors: 580, Visitors: 34.000

Now the expanded concept has been successfully introduced, about 500 exhibitors will use BREAD & BUTTER BERLIN as their marketing and communication platform of choice. Many new and interesting designers and fashion labels present themselves in a charming mixture of high-end fashion and big bold brands.

Dates: 16.-18.07.2004

Title: BREAD & BUTTER BERLIN - tradeshow for selected brands

Slogan: „Berlingold“

Key visual: A golden BREAD & butter coat of arms and a golden bear with a crown.

Core statement: BREAD & butter sets a record in the new discipline, and takes gold.

Berlingold - IN GOLD WE TRUST.

VI. Next Move

Exhibitors: 380, Visitors: 32.000

After two events in Berlin there was no more room for any doubts: BREAD & BUTTER BERLIN is the place to be! International exhibitors, buyers and the media delivered a unanimous verdict: BREAD & butter is the future. The BREAD & butter concept was expanded. Until now, the show had concentrated almost exclusively on the segments of urbanwear and street couture; as of winter 2004, selected, high-quality exhibitors from the segments of design, menswear, womenswear and outerwear were also showing at BBB. This strategic expansion enabled BBB to meet the demands of contemporary high-end retail.

Dates: 16.-18.01.2004

Title: BREAD & BUTTER BERLIN - tradeshow for selected brands

Slogan: “Next Move”

Key visual: The BREAD & butter bear as a chess figure. The Corporate Design for the event was in silver.

Core statement: Chess bear, slogan: Next Move - BREAD & butter makes a strategic move. The colour silver symbolised the status achieved.

V. berlinlove

Exhibitors: 270, Visitors: 20.000

The move from Cologne to Berlin and the quality expansion of the exhibitor portfolio established BREAD & BUTTER BERLIN as Europe’s premium platform for urbanwear and street couture after just one exhibition. BREAD & butter felt it had got off to an excellent start in Berlin.

The summer was anticipated with excitement and confidence. It was a time of peace and joy.

Dates: 18.-20.07.2003

Title: BREAD & BUTTER BERLIN - tradeshow for urbanwear and street couture

Slogan: “berlinlove“

Key visual: White peace dove.

Core statement: To reflect the feeling of having made it and the international political situation (brutal wars - Afghanistan, Iraq...) the corporate design was “de-militarised” and for the summer event the general longing for peace was expressed in the image of “berlinlove.”


Exhibitors: 230, Visitors: 15.000

After three events, BREAD & butter decided to move from Cologne to Berlin.

BREAD & butter was becoming more and more internationally oriented and Berlin offered plenty of room for development. A small BREAD & butter team infiltrated the city structures, organised a superb location, forged alliances with the protagonists of urbane Berlin culture and launched a fantastic event.

Dates: 17.-19.01.2003

Title: BREAD & BUTTER BERLIN - tradeshow for selected brands

Key visual: The old Berlin city coat of arms was redesigned for BREAD & butter. Standing on three Bs in urban camouflage the bear represents with pride the strenght of B&b and Berlin.

Core statement: BREAD & BUTTER is in BERLIN. The urban camouflage was the disguise which the BREAD & butter team put on for “Operation Berlin”.

III. BREAD & butter - offshow for selected brands

Exhibitors: 180, Visitors: 10.000

Around the time of the third BREAD & butter, traditional fairs were facing difficulties - not so was BREAD & butter.

BREAD & butter became the shooting star, but with just 10.000 sqm and 150 exhibitors it was still very much “a nice event”.

The industry complained about a “splintered trade show landscape,” with interesting exhibitors scattered about at different events.

Dates: 01.-03.08.2002

Title: BREAD & butter - offshow for selected brands

Key visual: An old photo from American history reworked with the BREAD & butter team: The Flag of Glory. (Photograph by Christopher Sean Baeck alias Dieter Lumpen)

Core statement: BREAD & butter charging uphill, fighting its way ahead.

II. The Ring

Exhibitors: 100, Visitors: 8.000

The first BREAD & butter was a success and generated great enthusiasm

By the second BREAD & butter - offshow for selected brands in January 2002, the number of selected brands represented within the BREAD & butter concept had already doubled to a hundred.

Dates: 31.01-02.02.2002

Title: BREAD & butter - offshow for selected brands

Key visual: A close-up b/w photo of the „BREAD & butter ring“ was used...

On the first day of the first event, the organisers personally presented all exhibitors with a ring made of 100% sterling silver and produced in a limited edition as a symbol of their gratitude and solidarity.

Core statement: BREAD & butter is community.


I. BREAD & butter "offshow for selected brands"

Exhibitors: 50, Visitors 5.000

On July 13th, 2001, the first BREAD & butter is launched as a parallel event to the „Herrenmodewoche (Men’s Fashion Week) / InterJeans“ in Cologne. About 50 cutting-edge brands are represented at the event subtitled „offshow for selected brands.“

Dates: 13- 15.07.2001

Title: BREAD & butter - cologne offshow for selected brands

Key visual: An evocative b/w photo of the characteristic architecture of the new venue.

Core statement: An outstanding building, far from being a boring exhibition hall - it’s a fantastic venue!

The exhibitor portfolio added the rest.