Sep 9-13, 2011, Paris, France

Singularité, MAISON&OBJET Inspirations Itinerary

Singularité is the theme chosen this year by the MAISON&OBJET Observatory. It is a relevant description of this new and eventful edition.

Singularit´┐Ż, MAISON&OBJET Inspirations ItineraryMass uniformity is no longer unanimously approved. No one wants to be like everyone else in our age of globalization. We want to escape the ordinary. Going against the grain of “the same for all everywhere”, each person aspires to affirm their own freedom of choice in matters of taste and lifestyle. The desire to be different is ushering in codes that are detonating banality. Design is thus setting the standards of style to “unique” mode. Each has its own specific signs in order to heighten diversity in the art of living, keeping it away from conformity.
MAISON&OBJET, organised twice a year by SAFI with Ateliers d'art de France at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, the exhibition presents a cross-cutting international selection that takes a sector-based approach to all interior decoration needs and styles.

At the last session, more than 85,000 trade visitors, including 46% from overseas, explored its aisles. Representatives from the distribution sector (64%) and specifying sector (36%) come from all over the world to this major business platform to discover the latest collections of small designers and major brands.

To complete its generalist and general standpoint, ranging from furniture to fashion accessories, MAISON&OBJET is held in synergy with more specialised exhibitions. It is associated in September at CRAFT, l’espace métiers d’art, scènes d’intérieur (high end decoration), MAISON&OBJET I projets I (technical interior design solutions), now! design à vivre (design) and MAISON&OBJET OUTDOOR_INDOOR (outdoor furniture and accessories).

These four other exhibitions make up a very unique, upmarket focus in halls 7 and 8 of the exhibition centre, particularly popular with specifying players who are currently some of the most powerful development drivers in the homeware sector.

Members of the PARIS CAPITALE DE LA CRÉATION association that brings together some 22 trade events dedicated to fashion and home style, organised every year in Paris, MAISON&OBJET and its related exhibitions make an active contribution to the international reputation of the city and provide an international showcase to French know-how and creativity.

The parallel launch of the first Paris Design Week prolongs this positive value-enhancing momentum. Its ambition: make Parisian design players benefit from the exceptional presence of French and foreign trade visitors but also share some new products revealed at the exhibition with the general public.

Because home style fascinates an increasing number of people and develops a sophisticated art of living. The presence at the exhibition of some 3,600 fashion journalists from all over the world is living proof that decoration has become a social phenomenon and MAISON&OBJET is its most loyal reflection.
Maison & Objet