Cebu X / Cebu International Furniture & Furnishings Exhibition
Mar 6-9, 2008, Cebu City, Philippines
More Reasons to visit Cebu in 2008

A leading furniture Mecca in Asia, Cebu is also one of the safest and most secure places to do business.

World Connections

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A small island with numerous sea and air linkages, Cebu has long been the ideal gateway for doing business in the Philippines. With clear blue skies, world-class resorts and holiday spots, booming economic and export zones and an electrifying milieu, you might think this place has it all, but then there's more.

Few people realize that for all its tropical charm and exhilarating atmosphere, Cebu has a silent backbone of order and security that is prized by business travelers everywhere in the world. It's the best-kept secret for those who want to get things done in the Philippines and still keep their heads as they avoid traffic jams, bomb threats, security alerts, and the general chaos that comes with traveling to an overpopulated city.

Arrive at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIAA) and you'll notice the relative calm that immediately engulfs you upon stepping out of the plane. The pace immediately slows as you find yourself humming a different tune.

Secure Location

There's a reason for that feeling. You are entering one of the safest zones in the Philippines and in Asia, with one of the best records for peace and order.

Cebu's geography is one of its God-given assets. The island is easy to contain and regulate. While being surrounded by water on all sides means that it is a shipping and transport hub, it also implies that the relatively small land area makes Cebu a sanctuary of self-containment---a “country within a country” set-up that reflects on the island's peace and order situation.

Government officials in Cebu have long made public safety a top priority, setting the island apart as a protected place with minimal incidents of crime, and secure public areas that are generally non-congested and accessible.

Cebu remains an Ideal Investment Destination and Export Mecca

Many tourists and investors choose to circumvent the security concerns and go straight to Cebu where you can still have access to all Philippine industries and set meetings without worry. It's no wonder that this island with a rich cultural history and a proud people is also the country's fastest growing economy, self-sufficient with its own international connections and solid business reputation.

With regular direct international flights to Singapore, Hongkong, Narita, Kota Kinabalu, Incheon, Qatar and Taipei, it is a center of commercial activity. A concentration of major banks, the availability of modern telecommunications facilities, with modern land lines having IDD, fiber optic data lines and internet service providers, and widespread GSM cellular phone networks supporting international roaming make the international traveler feel right at home.

The dynamic furniture export industry* has chosen Cebu as its base---a prized jewel in the Pacific with beautiful sights, formidable links and excellent economic record. A place to conjure top-notch design and be inspired at leisure. Cebu's future as a destination for investors is secure. And now it's time to make it your own personal haven.

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