Innovation at Messe Frankfurt

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Innovation is a driving force for Messe Frankfurt

Over the centuries, constant innovation has enabled Messe Frankfurt to operate successful trading platforms. This does not only refer to the innovations at trade fairs that break new ground in their areas of application – even trade fairs themselves are subject to a permanent innovation process. This involves scrutinising the way we think and work and improving it again and again.

Messe Frankfurt is one of the largest trade fair organisers in the world. By keeping standards high – be it for events, infrastructure or services – they can safeguard our quality, flexibility, stability and global growth. They are concentrating on being more effective in serving the needs of the sectors and industries in which they have longstanding expertise.

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At the same time, their product portfolio is becoming more and more diverse. They are constantly on the lookout for new thematic areas with potential. This involves developing their products and services quickly and innovatively as well as making key acquisitions and investments.

At the Frankfurt base, they have established a series of new thematic areas over the past few years – such as Mobikon, Cleanzone, Webchance, Ecostyle and Zukunft Lebensräume. All over the world, they are expanding their portfolio on an ongoing basis with their own events and with acquisitions and cooperations.
Innovations will remain a driving force for the company in the future, thereby ensuring that exhibitors and visitors alike will continue to put their trust in Messe Frankfurt trade fairs worldwide.

For Messe Frankfurt, digitalisation is not only a foregone conclusion for business activities – through events in the field of digital expertise, they also offer visitors valuable insight into the communication trends and themes of tomorrow. And they facilitate communication in the periods between trade fairs, e.g. through their sourcing platform.

In other words, Messe Frankfurt offer far more than just virtual networking. Rather, they combine the best aspects of the analogue world with the advantages of the digital world. Their business partners stay in touch using communities, thereby strengthening the new contacts they have made. At the next trade fair, they can then take up where the virtual interaction left off, as the community of like-minded individuals comes together at the exhibition stands, forming new business contacts.

They bring together all key decision-makers and buyers and keep exhibitors and visitors up to speed on the latest innovations. Their events are the first place where industry trends and innovative products are unveiled. They make it possible for exhibitors, retailers and visitors to establish useful business contacts – both now and in the future. By transforming the flood of virtual pseudo-contacts into valuable industry contacts, they lay the foundation for successful business in the future.

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