Julia Stegner and Peter Lindbergh at the Shooting for the new key visual
for the international fashion activities of Mercedes-Benz


Mercedes-Benz global fashion activities
Promoting prominent fashion shows and up-and-coming talents in more than 20 countries

July 2009 — From New York, Paris, Milan, Berlin, and Warsaw to Amsterdam, Stockholm, Buenos Aires and Brisbane, Mercedes Benz is involved with prominent fashion events in more than 20 countries on every continent and has created numerous awards for talented, up-and-coming designers.

Key international fashion activities by Mercedes Benz include the following events.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York

In 2001, New York's traditional fashion week became known as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Along with Paris and Milan, it is one of the largest and most influential trendsetting international shows. Universally recognised designers such as Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs have become famous in the Bryant Park tents of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York. Twice a year, top American and international designers present their latest collections for an entire week in more than 80 shows. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York is more than just a venue for international designers. It has developed into one of the world's greatest celebrity gatherings. Numerous music industry stars have even presented their own fashion lines here, for example, Gwen Stefani (L.A.M.B.) and Jennifer Lopez (JustSweet) as well as Diddy a.k.a (Hip-Hop mogul) Sean "P. Diddy" Combs.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami

In 2007, Mercedes Benz further expanded its role in the US by becoming the title sponsor of Fashion Week Swim in Miami, which focuses exclusively on swim and beach fashions and is, after New York, America's most important fashion event. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim takes place every year in July and coincides with the largest swimwear tradeshow in the United States. For five days, top American and an ever-growing number of international designers present their newest collections in approximately 20 shows on the runway in the historical Raleigh Hotel in Miami Beach.

Show BLACK COFFEE at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin has continued to grow since premiering in July 2007. With 33 runway shows along with six presentations and events, the fifth edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2009 was larger than ever. “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin is a success story,” said Anders Sundt Jensen, Vice President Brand Communications Mercedes-Benz Cars. “With each season, we’ve seen more designers, guests, journalists and stars take part. This shows that the mix of major designer labels with up-and-coming new talents is successful. It also has restored Berlin to its place among Europe’s key fashion metropolises, and therefore we’ll be sticking to this concept. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin has a special fascination, uniqueness and vitality – just like the Mercedes-Benz brand.”

Prêt-à-Porter Paris

As the official partner of the Fédération Française de la Couture, du Prêt-à-Porter des Couturiers et des Créateurs de Mode, Mercedes Benz has had a presence at the Prêt-à-Porter since 2008. Here the world's most renowned designers come together twice a year to present their latest collections in approximately 100 shows over nine days. The Paris fashion week is a centuries-old tradition. Prominent fashion creators such as Paul Poiret, Coco Chanel, Jean Patou and Karl Lagerfeld all became world-famous in Paris. The Paris fashion week is still considered the barometer of fashion trends and remains a source of inspiration for the entire fashion industry.

Milano Moda Donna, Uomo, Design

Since 2008, Mercedes Benz has been an official partner of the Camera Nazionale della Mode Italiana at the Milano Moda Donna, Uomo and Design shows. In addition to its fashion activities in Paris and New York, Mercedes Benz now has a presence at all three of the world's premiere fashion events. The Stuttgart-based premium automaker is the exclusive automobile partner of the Milano Moda Donna and the Milano Moda Uomo, as well as the exclusive sponsor of the new Milano Moda Design Exhibition. Milan is also an important source of inspiration for the designers at the nearby Mercedes Benz Advanced Design Studio in Como. At fashion shows, trade shows and workshops, Mercedes-Benz designers pick up on new trends and ideas which eventually make their way into designs or treatments of fabrics, leather and wood.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Mexico

Since 2001, Mercedes Benz has been involved in the Mexican fashion world and has put on numerous fashion events. In 2007, the premium automaker combined its various fashion activities and created Mercedes Benz Fashion Mexico in partnership with Mexican Vogue and Fashion TV. It is Mexico's most important national fashion event, where the nation's best designers present their collections twice a year. Mercedes Benz Fashion Mexico is distinguished by a unique blend of catwalks, exclusive shows, product exhibitions of the Mexican textile industry as well as cultural and charitable activities. In addition to this central fashion event, Mercedes Benz presents Fashion TV Beach at the exclusive Riviera Maya. Here, in the unique setting of white Caribbean sands, designers from Mexico and Latin America show their latest fashions.

Mercedes Benz Dutch Fashion Awards

In order to foster creative, up-and-coming designers in the Netherlands, Mercedes Benz created the Mercedes Benz Dutch Fashion Awards in 2007 in partnership with the Dutch Fashion Foundation (DFF), a network of Dutch fashion designers, photographers and graphic designers. This award is given each year to the young Dutch designer, who shows the greatest potential for an international breakthrough. The goal is to support outstanding talent and strengthen the prominence of Dutch fashion design on the international stage. In addition, Mercedes Benz and the DFF also jointly support the Prelude fashion shows. These shows take place twice a year in January and July on the eve of the Amsterdam Fashion Week and serve as launching platforms for talented fashion designers from the DFF network.

Stockholm Fashion Week by Berns

In the summer of 2008, Mercedes Benz expanded its fashion activities in Scandinavia by becoming the sponsor of the Stockholm Fashion Week by Berns, one of the most important fashion events in Sweden. In addition, Mercedes Benz has teamed up with event organiser Berns Salonger and national design schools to create the Mercedes Benz Young Fashion Industry Award to foster up-and-coming Swedish designers. Each year, it is given to a Swedish design student or young talent who already has his or her own label. The winner may then hold his or her own fashion show in front of a large international and domestic audience at the next Stockholm Fashion Week by Berns in January.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane

Mercedes Benz began its international fashion activities in Australia in 1996 by becoming the title sponsor of the Mercedes Australian Fashion Week in Sydney and Melbourne. Since 2006, the premium automaker has been the main sponsor of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane, which will take place this year at City Hall, the largest exposition and cultural centre in the city. The goal is to position Brisbane as an important fashion city in Australia and to support the local fashion and design industry. Every year in August, Australian designers, aspiring designers and the fashion industry present their latest spring/summer collections over six days. The shows are intended for a domestic and international audience that works in the fashion industry as well as those who simply have a keen interest in fashion. With more than 15,000 visitors, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane has become one of the most important fashion events in Australia.

Fashion Edition Buenos Aires

In 2008, Mercedes Benz joined forces with the Faena Hotel + Universe to create the Fashion Edition Buenos Aires, an event where the best Argentinean designers can show their creations to an international audience. The fashion shows take place as part of an exclusive evening event at the Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires. The designers are selected by Stephen Gan, the founder of renowned fashion publications Visionaire, V and VMAN, and the creative director of Harper's Bazaar. From among the top five designers presenting their collections at the first annual Fashion Edition Buenos Aires at the end of November 2008, the audience selected Pablo Ramírez as Argentina's best designer. He will show his current collection in July at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

Oskary Fashion Poland

Since 2007, Mercedes Benz has been the primary sponsor of Oskary Fashion Poland, the fashion "Oscars" for the best, up-and-coming Polish designers, fashion photographers and models. The awards are given out each year by the Publishing House Fashion Group, and the occasion ranks among Poland's most important national fashion events. Each year, the contest has a different theme. Influential jury members from the fields of fashion, photography, culture, arts and business select the six best young designers and photographers and the 12 most promising models. The finalists present themselves and their works at an exclusive gala attended by 500 guests from the fashion industry, show business, politics and the media. Afterward, the jury chooses a winner in each category.

Mercedes Benz South Africa Award for Fashion Design 2009

To promote South Africa's young, talented and innovative artists, Mercedes Benz has been sponsoring the Mercedes Benz Awards for South African Art and Culture each year since 2000. The highly regarded cultural fellowship award was given out this year in the area of fashion. Under the thematic question 'What Characterises Today's South Africa?' domestic designers were selected for communicating the contemporary style of South Africa in a particularly creative way. The winners of the Mercedes Benz South Africa Award for Fashion Design 2009 were announced by the jury on January 29, 2009 at a special exhibition in Johannesburg. The winners were the designers Jacques van der Watt and Daniça Lepen with their label Black Coffee. The Johannesburg-based designers also received the opportunity of presenting their fashion installation, which they prepared especially for the award, at exhibitions in South Africa and Berlin. Mercedes-Benz is also giving the Black Coffee label the opportunity to put on a fashion show at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin in July 2009.