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ECIA experts set agenda for future of creative industries

27 Nov 2014 – Experts from 12 European countries have joined forces to strengthen the future of the creative industries. Today they present a 10 step action plan to enable cross-sectoral collaboration and access to finance. The European Creative Industries Alliance (ECIA) is the platform on which these experts in the field of creative industries collaborate to set an agenda for innovation and growth. According to the experts, the creative industries also need to measure and raise awareness of their value as key driver of innovation and growth.
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Launch Creative Industries Federation in UK

The Creative Industries Federation is the new representative body of the UK’s arts, cultural and creative industries. As a membership organisation, the CIF represents the views of the UK’s creative industries, while challenging and assisting the sector to stay ahead of the international competition.
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Enabling Crossovers – Good Practices in the Creative Industries

This compilation of 36 good practices in the creative industries across Asia and Europe showcase examples of policy and practice that may serve as inspiration for networking, collaboration and policy making. The mapping covers the four areas being addressed at the 6th Culture Ministers’ Meeting of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), namely creative skills, creative entrepreneurs, creative cities: sustainability, and creative cities: quality of life.
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